When you live in Atlantis, Florida there are numerous opportunities to do whatever you like whether professionally or recreationally. You may either have a business or be relaxing in your pool at home. Pests and bugs are unwanted guests you never want to see on your property. If you have bugs, insects or rodents on your residential or commercial property, we at Empire Pest Defense look forward to eliminating your pest problem. Regardless of whether it is a full scale infestation or the early stages of a building hive, we will offer friendly and comprehensive elimination services and ensure that the problem is not only eradicated but that your property is protected from further attacks.

Protection from Unwanted Pests

Atlantis pest control is especially challenging because of its tropical climate and green, swampy land which provide the perfect conditions for millions of pests to breed and spread. In Florida alone, it is estimated that there are over 100 species of insects and other similarly sized organisms within your most immediate surroundings. That is an astounding number which means that if you see any signs of pests in your home, it is only a matter of time before it balloons into a full scale infestation.

Atlantis, Florida has seen its fair share of rodent and bug infestation. Both commercial and residential areas have been adversely affected. Considering the prime climatic and geological conditions for such organisms to thrive here, we at Empire Pest Defense have been able to completely eliminate pest problems in dozens of locations across Atlantis.

We have a wealth of experience dealing with pest infestations in the Atlantis area and have customized services specifically pertaining to this location. We also have expertly trained and licensed professional technicians whose knowledge and skills can deal with any type or scale of pest infestation. After decades of successfully eradicating pests at both commercial and residential properties, you can count on our track record and our reputation that the job will be done beyond your expectations.

Pest infestations in Atlantis, Florida can be of many forms. There are many types of pests in Atlantis including ants like carpenter ants and other common household ant species. It also includes bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas (especially if you have house pets), house flies, mosquitoes, spiders, termites, stinging insects including bees, wasps and hornets which can cause allergic reactions. There are also mice, rats and other rodents whose infestations can wreak serious havoc on your property.

Atlantis Pest Control Services

You can try and deal with the pest infestation in your home by yourself. However, if you check the track record for DIY pest elimination methods, you will be sadly surprised. Moreover, there are some side effects of pest infestation that you may not even be aware of.

To totally eradicate pest problems on your property, you need a service done by an excellent team led by manager with decades of experience. A family owned enterprise like Empire Pest Defense that completely understands what you are going through is what you need. Call us today for a free inspection and protect your property.