While homes should have a pest control plan in place, businesses should as well. Even commercial buildings are prone to ants, beetles, termites, flies, and spiders. While pests are an issue in the restaurant industry—where health inspections are common—any business can be affected by pests.

A pest infestation can affect a company in many ways. It can cause structural damage to a building and affect the health and safety of employees, customers, vendors and anyone who steps foot inside your building.

A pest issue is not something you can ignore. It will only get worse over time as you give the pests the opportunity to reproduce and create thousands of more pests. That’s why you need to consider commercial pest control from Empire Pest Defense.

Structural Issues Caused by Pests

Termites are pests that cause the most damage to buildings. They eat wood and can quickly destroy the structure of a business, causing it to fall apart.

Mice and rats are heavy chewers, so they can chew through wood and insulation as well. They have also been known to chew through pipes and cause leaks and water damage. Rodents also tend to gnaw through wiring, causing electrical issues in a building. Without electricity, your business may not have the resources it needs to stay productive.

Ants are also common in office buildings, where they search for food and water. Ants are not only annoying but some types—like carpenter ants—can damage wood.

Health and Safety Issues

A pest issue in an office building is not only annoying, but it is also a health concern. Even flies can cause skin and eye infections as well as diarrhea. If your building has pests, you are jeopardizing the health of your employees, and this can affect morale.

Mosquitoes are also annoying pests that can cause serious illnesses. When they bite a person with a virus, they can then bite another person and transmit that virus to another person. Mosquitoes can spread serious illnesses such as dengue fever, malaria, the Zika Virus and West Nile Virus.

Spiders can also cause serious illnesses to humans. A bite by a black widow or brown recluse spider to cause a person to become seriously ill for several days. The venom from these spiders causes intense cramping and pain.

It’s important to keep offices clean. Dirt and dust can attract dust mites. These little pests can trigger allergies and asthma, and also cause eczema.

These pests can also cause distractions in the workplace, which reduces productivity. Keep your office clean by hiring the Wellington, FL commercial pest control services of Empire Pest Defense to control pests.

Office Pest Problem? Get Commercial Pest Control Today

Pests are a good way to deter customers. If pests are causing damage to your business and making employees sick, it’s time to get business pest control for your company.

If your business is infested with annoying insects, contact Empire Pest Defense for the best in Wellington, FL commercial pest control. We will help you create a customized approach to pest control. Schedule a free consultation by calling (561) 798-7216 or filling out our online form