West Palm Beach is a humid climate. Bugs in particular love moisture. Termites are especially attracted to moisture in wood and have been known to devour drywall, paper, and even plastic. While it may be tempting to attempt to eradicate the infestation on your own, your local West Palm Beach pest control specialists do a better job. Here’s why.

#1. Chemical Pest Control is Harmful to Humans

The majority of insecticides and other poisons are no less harmful to humans than they are to insects. These chemical neurotoxins don’t specifically target insects. Insects have a much smaller biomass than humans and pets, thus being an effective solution for killing pests. Nonetheless, in a large enough quantity, you can injure or even kill a person with pest poison.

West Palm Beach pest control specialists take the proper precautions when exterminating pests from your home. Not only are there industry standards to be followed, but for liability reasons, we are required to abide by government regulations. In other words, we do the job so that’s safe for you, your family, and our workers.

Not only could you be risking your own family’s health, but you could also risk your neighbor’s health as well. These chemicals could seep into the soil and pollute residential gardens. Those who are growing veggies in those gardens could become ill. Who is liable then? You are. It’s not a risk worth taking.

#2. Spray and Pray is Generally Not Effective

Your West Palm Beach pest control experts deploy a strategy that is safe, effective, and targets the pests that are infesting your home or property. In a lot of situations, this entails more than simply spraying. This means not only ridding your home of pests, but also destroying eggs, larva, and implementing a strategy of prevention to eliminate the possibility that they’ll return.

#3. Unless You’re Very Lucky, You’re Not Actually Saving Money

As West Palm Beach pest control specialists, we purchase the materials and safety gear for bulk rates. When you go to the store and purchase the same supplies, you’re paying a retail markup. You might save money if you can deploy an effective strategy the first time around, but if it doesn’t work, your DIY discount is eventually going to run out and you’ll be no closer to ridding yourself of your pest problem.

Calling in the Professionals Can Save You Time and Money

There are a number of infestations that homeowners can handle on their own. But as the infestation grows, it becomes more important to hire professionals. These are signs that it’s time to give your West Palm Beach pest control experts a call:

  • Mud tubes. Once you see mud tubes, you have a termite infection. Termites not only attack wood but can chew through your foundation and your drywall. The West Palm Beach professional exterminators at Empire Pest Defense can help before they do serious damage.
  • Dead bugs. That bug has lived its entire life cycle destroying your home.
  • Bug bites. Once you start seeing bedbug bites, it’s time to call the professionals.

Empire Pest Control provides West Palm Beach homeowners with all their extermination needs. Give us a call at 561.291.6094 or contact us online to schedule a home inspection.