Pest control is necessary for homes and businesses that are infested with rodents, spiders, ants, termites, or other pests that are potentially harmful or destructive. Our West Palm Beach pest control professionals are dedicated to helping homes and offices protect themselves against these unwanted invaders, but many people are concerned about the chemicals associated with pest control and its impact on pet and human health. To assuage the concerns you may have about pest control chemicals, we have compiled this small guide so you can understand our methods of treatment and what you can expect when it comes to pest control and the well-being of your family and customers.

Using Different Levels of Toxic Substances for Each Instance

Depending on the type of pest control and the extent of an infestation, this will change the type of chemicals we use. Pest control chemicals are rated on a “schedule”, or a rating system of toxicity. Some pest control measures don’t require any chemicals at all, such as trimming back bushes and sealing off cracks in a home where spiders and mice may be able to enter. Other pest control methods are slightly more toxic for humans and pets, but exposure to their chemicals is not necessarily bad. If you have larger pests, such as rodents or snakes, causing a problem in your home, these will obviously need more toxic substances that could cause health problems for humans and pets. Some chemicals are toxic enough that they should be completely avoided inside the house but are less dangerous outside. Our professional team is able to evaluate which chemicals you need the most depending on your situation, and we will always opt for less toxic chemicals if they will suffice for a problem over more toxic chemicals.

Placement of Chemicals Makes a Difference

Pest control is meant to kill pests and prevent them from entering the home, which means that our chemicals all have some level of toxicity to humans and pets. The type of chemicals we use is important, but just as importantly, we consider where we put our chemicals to prevent health issues. These generally include common living areas and access points into a home where people would spend the most time, though some are considerably safe when they dry, making them suitable for windows or doors. We avoid any spaces that could present health risks for our clients or anyone who may enter the building, and the chances of getting sick from pest control chemicals are actually very slim, especially when it is done correctly.

Calling Professionals for Your Home or Office Pest Control

The short of it is that if you aren’t careful, pest control chemicals can be dangerous. This only speaks to the importance of getting a professional to do it. Our West Palm Beach pest control experts mitigate potential health risks and ensure that your home is protected from pests and unwanted critters.