Bed bugs are pretty gross. They attack you while you’re sleeping leaving behind characteristic trails of bites in sets of three. They infest the crevices of your mattress. They leave behind eggs. The eggs are harder to get rid of than the bed bugs themselves. It’s not easy dealing with a bed bug infestation—even for professional exterminators. So when we see DIY bed bug treatments out there being sold over the internet as an alternative to West Palm Beach pest control experts, we have to scratch our heads.

The reason why we scratch our heads is not related to the presence of bed bugs, although pest control technicians do occasionally track them home with us. It’s due to the fact that we, as exterminators, use dangerous chemicals that we are required to get licenses in order to work with. Since most folks aren’t going to apply for a licensure in order to get rid of a bed bug infestation, they’ll need to be very careful if they elect to use these treatments themselves, and even then, it probably won’t work.

DIY Methods: What Works and What Doesn’t

In order to get rid of a bed bug infestation yourself, you really need to commit to the process. It could take weeks. As we said earlier, you’re not just trying to get rid of the bed bugs, you also need a strategy for getting rid of the eggs.

Professionals use one of two strategies to rid a home of bed bugs. Neither of these strategies allows for living residents to be present in the home without the use of special environmental suits or other expensive safety gear.

So what about the DIY treatments? How can they work while you or your family are still in the home?

The truth is: they can’t. On the other hand, some of these DIY treatments are based on similar principles as the ones professional pest control technicians use. For instance, DIY methods that use heat and cold to kill bed bugs would be effective. Professionals use a similar method that involves turning up the heat in various rooms in your house to around 135℉. This will kill both the bed bugs and their eggs.

Alternatively, professionals can use chemical sprays, but we deliver those chemicals in various ways. Sometimes a liquid form is appropriate. Other times a dust form is appropriate. We generally use three different kinds of insecticides for different kinds of surfaces. For instance, couches might require one kind of insecticide while wood surfaces would require another.

Home Methods for Controlling Bed Bugs that Work

With enough commitment and a can-do attitude, we have no doubt that some folks could rid their home of bed bugs themselves. The questions then become: Can they do it safely? Will it work as efficiently? Will it end up costing more than it would to hire an exterminator?

Typically, when we use pesticides, we need to spray more than once. So any DIY method that offers to get rid of bed bugs completely on the first try is selling you snake oil—which will not get rid of bed bugs.

Contact a Professional West Palm Beach Pest Control Company

Empire Pest Defense will get rid of your bed bug infestation properly and with less cost to you in terms of both time and money than if you try to do it on your own. Give us a call or contact us online to set up an appointment.