If you’ve got pests in your home, you need West Palm Beach pest control. An exterminator uses chemical compounds to eradicate pest populations, but as the homeowner, you play a role in pest control too. After the exterminator does his or her job, do the following to prevent a re-infestation on your property.

Create a Solid Barrier Between Outside and Inside the Home

This is perhaps the most “common sense,” pest control suggestion but also the one that can be easiest to overlook. Pests enter your home in many of the same ways you do, such as the front door and the garage. They can also get into your home through small cracks and crevices which can be found in door frames and tears in your window screens.

To keep bugs from getting in, carefully inspect the most common places in the home where they can enter, like foundation cracks and loose window panes, and make repairs as necessary. When outdoor items need to come inside, such as firewood or boxed storage belongings, bring them onto a patio or into your garage and thoroughly inspect and clean them there rather than potentially carrying pests into your house.

Keep your Kitchen Clean

Pests come into your home because they want to eat. This is why they often head straight for the kitchen. Cleaning up your kitchen and taking food trash directly outside are two important ways to keep pests from getting into your kitchen. Do not leave overripe fruits on the counter, and be sure to mop the floors and clean the insides of your cabinets and pantry regularly.

Drain All Standing Water

Just like food attracts cockroaches and fruit flies, standing water attracts mosquitoes. If you have standing water on your property, like a bird bath or a pond, drain it to get rid of your mosquito problem. If that’s not an option, you can purchase certain fish species that will eat the mosquitoes in your pond or consider adding a fountain or waterfall to keep the water in flux. This makes it impossible for mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

Some Pests Have to be Exterminated More than Once

After an exterminator fumigates your home, a few pests can survive, and you might even still see them walking across your floor or up your wall. Do not panic. Certain species, notably cockroaches, have to be exterminated more than once to completely kill the entire population in a home. The exterminator should have gone over this fact with you during your initial consultation and scheduled follow-up services. If not, call and schedule a follow-up.

Call an Experienced West Palm Beach Pest Control Company

When you have a pest problem, you need to work with an experienced West Palm Beach pest control company that will thoroughly decimate all the problem species in your home. To get started, contact our team at Empire Pest Defense today to set up your initial consultation with us.