There are plenty of pests here in Royal Palm Beach. Bed bugs want to transform your bedroom into a restaurant with you on the menu. Cockroaches, mice, rats, ants, and flour beetles want to ruin your food and make you sick. Carpet beetles think your carpet and clothing taste great, while wasps use their stingers to keep you away from the nests they built on your home. Because there are so many different pests that want to make your like difficult, you need an exterminator in Royal Palm Beach, that has your best interests at heart. When you are looking for a professional that cares about your safety, Empire Pest Defense is your answer. We eradicate pests with extreme effectiveness, but we also make certain that our application methods are safe for you and your children.

It’s all About the Label

Every single pesticide, rodenticide, and herbicide comes with a label. On the label are specific instructions that detail how to apply to pesticide, how much to apply, when to apply, where to apply, mixing rates, and how to protect against contact. Every pesticide on the market has gone through extensive testing and the Environmental Protection Agency reviews and approves every label. By following the instructions, we provide a high level of protection to you and your children. We understand the importance of following the labels. They are our guidebooks to appropriate pest control. Another way to ensure the safety of your family is through certification. In order to become certified any pest control applicator has to pass comprehensive tests that gauge their level of knowledge. All of our technicians are certified pest control experts. We are serious about being your Royal Palm Beach Exterminator, so we take the safety of your family serious. At Empire Pest Defense, we follow state laws and make certain to follow the labels with exactness.

Empire Pest Defense Makes a Difference in Royal Palm Beach Pest Control

In addition to following the label, we use the principles of Integrated Pest Management, or IPM. That means we don’t rely on pesticides alone. In order to use IPM, we have to understand the lifecycle of the target pest. That way, we can target every life stage for a more comprehensive treatment approach. Understanding the pest, allows us to use a variety of treatment methods. With Empire Pest Defense on your side, your home or business will be protected from pests and we make certain to protect you and your kids from pesticide exposure. We want you to have the benefit of a pest free home, with the worry of inappropriate application. We do it right the first time to give you the security you need. Make the call that will protect you home and family from pests. Contact Empire Pest Defense. We eliminate pests the right way. No pest infestation is too big or small, we do it all. Put our years of experience to work for you and say goodbye to pests. Give us a call today.