If you have a garden in your home, it is a source of tranquility, beauty and maybe even food. A pest infestation on your garden can cause serious devastation to your life. Your Juno Beach is especially prone to attacks from pests as there are hundreds of pest varieties living in that area. You may have tried all the DIY strategies to eradicate pests from your Garden to no avail. In such a situation, you need a professional exterminator like Empire Pest Defense to help you remove the pests from your garden and keep them away.

The following are tips you can use to keep pests out of your garden:

Proper Sanitation

A good, clean garden is one of the best ways to keep your garden pest free. Though it may sound ironic since a garden is supposed to have dirt, keeping your garden clean will keep it from attracting all manner of pests. Proper sanitation of your garden includes collecting plant and animal debris as well as man made waste. Give the pests no place to hide and they will not infest your garden.

Hand Picking

Whenever you see a pest in your garden, pick it up and properly discard of it if you do not want an infestation to become a reality. You can also pick them up after spraying your garden. Put them in a bucket full of treated water and then dispose of them in a place far from your garden. Gloves are a big help in this regard. This doesn’t always work however and that is why you should call your Juno Beach pest control professionals at Empire Pest Defense today.

Plant Repellent Plants

There are plants such as the neem plant that are naturally repellent to insects and arachnids that may attack your home garden. They are bitter in taste and have a foul smell hence they repel pests. If you cannot plant such a plant in your garden, find it soil and apply it to the rest of the plants in your garden.

Eradicate Sick Plants

As soon as you notice any sick plants in your garden, you should move to remove them. If a plant is sick, it is not always but often the result of an attack by pests. Naturally diseased plants will also attract pests. Therefore, it is in your best interests to root out such plants as soon as possible and dispose of them. Do not compost them or the infestation will spread to your compost pit.

Cover Your Plants

Covering your plants is a great way to keep pests out of your garden. You can utilize row covers if you have planted plants in a row which will restrict a multitude of pests from reaching your garden. It will also keep pests from spreading if they do happen to attack several of your plants. It is cheap and effective.

Clean Garden Tools After Use

Garden tools provide some of the easiest places for tiny pests to hide. If you do not wash them after tending to your garden, they will attack your plants the next time you are gardening. Keeping them clean and storing them in a clean place should keep pests out of your garden.

You can utilize the above tips but still see signs of pest infestation on your Juno Beach property. If so, call Empire Pest Defense for a consultation to maintain your garden’s integrity.