The first step in understanding how pest control works is to know what a pest is. A pest is an animal or organism that adversely affects the quality of human life. Based on that definition, pest control hence means the eradication of such pests to restore human life to its earlier condition. Pests are not only dangerous due to the amount of physical devastation they cause but also because of the diseases they carry. The above is especially true of pests in Limestone Creek. It is in your best interest to immediately take action against pests and prevent further damage to your property or your health. The process of pest control is roughly the same amongst exterminators and is as follows:

Professional Introduction

As soon as you discover signs of pest infestation on your property, you should seek out a professional pest exterminator like Empire Pest Defense to come and inspect your property. A professional exterminator or team of exterminators will then arrive on your property. They should be in full uniform labeled with their company name or initials.

The exterminator will introduce themselves and establish some rapport with you. You should be able to communicate freely and feel comfortable with the exterminator on your property as they will be moving in and out of your home sometimes in your absence. You can ask any questions at this point or voice any comments so that you can receive the answers that make a successful introduction.

The Inspection

One of the most crucial elements of a pest control professional’s job is to inspect the residential or commercial property for pest entrance points. Sealing such entrance points is half the battle of pest control. They will check pipes, garages, crawlspaces and attics. Depending on the size of the entrance point, many pests can enter into your property without you even noticing.

Your yard will also be inspected for breeding points and other areas that may cause pest infestations in the future. The inspection takes time as it involves finding spaces where even the tiniest of pests can pass through.

Moisture Scrutiny

Moist areas in your home are the most ideal places to foster pest infestation. Water or moisture is vital for survival of all life on earth. A conclusive moisture check will root out most pest breeding grounds on your property. A moisture meter is an example of the tools that are used.

Review and Report

The exterminator or his team will quickly put a report together for you of their findings. This will often be a rough draft but a more conclusive report takes more time and is done in the exterminator’s office. The report will not only include the findings of the review but will also include a recommendation for treatment. You will also be given an estimate of what various methods of treatment will cost.


Any exterminator who is worth their salt will sit down with you and explain the report. They will answer all the questions you have and even provide precautionary techniques. Once you understand what the treatment process will be you can prepare you and your family for the coming changes.

The first visit from an exterminator will set the tone for the rest of the extermination process. A seasoned professional is what you need. Therefore, if you find any signs of pests on your Limestone Creek property, feel free to contact Empire Pest Defense for a free quote today.