Living in Palm Beach provides plenty of opportunities for shopping, cultural events, and outdoor activities. Whether you are working, exploring all the area has to offer, or simply spending a relaxing day at home, nothing spoils your enjoyment quicker than finding unwanted guests have invaded. At Empire Pest Defense, we help to protect you against the many bugs, insects, and rodents that can be found along our stretch of coastline. As your Palm Beach pest control experts, we provide fast, friendly, and effective pest elimination services to keep your home or business protected. 

Protecting You Against Unwanted Pests In Palm Beach

The tropical climate and lush greenery in Palm Beach attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The area also attracts a variety of pests, which can end up invading your home or business. The University of Florida warns that there are more than 100 common species of insects that can be found in our immediate area. Add in rodents and the various bugs that can hitchhike through tourists or packages you have delivered, and it is easy to see how pest infestations can easily become a problem. 

As experienced Palm Beach pest control professionals, Empire Pest Defense is a trusted resource in these situations, Our trained and licensed technicians can help to keep the following types of pests from becoming a problem: 

  • Ants, which include common household varieties and carpenter ants, which can destroy your property;
  • Bed bugs, which are notoriously hard to get rid of and make nighttime unbearable;
  • Cockroaches, which can quickly multiply and infest even the cleanest home;
  • Fleas, which can endanger you and your pets; 
  • House flies, which can carry a variety of germs and bacteria;
  • Mosquitos, which cause make outdoor activities unbearable;
  • Mice, rats, and other rodents, which can live in walls or other dark, hidden spaces;
  • Spiders, which can leave painful bites and cause serious complications;
  • Stinging insects, including bees, wasps, and hornets, which can cause allergic reactions;
  • Termites, which can easily make your home uninhabitable.  

Fast, Effective Palm Beach Pest Elimination Services

Pest problems do not go away on their own and do-it-yourself pest control or elimination methods are largely ineffective. Unfortunately, they can also be very dangerous. Over-the-counter pest control products can be particularly harmful to older adults, children, and pets. 

To completely eliminate pest problems in your home or business and prevent them from returning in the future, the safest course of action is to call in our Palm Beach pest control experts. As a family owned business, we have decades worth of experience serving customers in this area and use safe, environmentally friendly products to eliminate pest problems, keeping them from returning in the future. 

Contact Our Palm Beach Pest Control Professionals

When dealing with pest problems that can potentially jeopardize the people in your home or ruin your business, get Empire Pest Defense on your side. Call or contact our Palm Beach pest control professionals online to schedule a free inspection today.