In Palm Springs, we are surrounded by wooded areas and numerous lakes, rivers, and other waterways. While this environment makes our area ideal for outdoor activities, it can also attract a large variety of pests. When these eventually turn up in your home or business, Empire Pest Defense provides the fast, effective pest elimination services you need. As a family owned business, our Palm Springs pest control professionals have a strong reputation for protecting people throughout the area. You can count on our trained technicians to uncover your pest problems, eliminate them quickly, and keep them from returning in the future.  

Keeping Your Home and Business Safe Against Pests in Palm Springs

Life in Palm Springs moves at a relaxed and easy going pace. However, nothing ruins this mood quicker than finding pests in your home or business. Whether you are dealing with a single sighting or a complete infestation, Empire Pest Defense provides the prompt, professional pest elimination services you need. Our Palm Springs pest control professionals help you eliminate common types of Florida pests found in our area, which include:  

  • Ants: House and pavement varieties are common and can easily invade your home, as can destructive carpenter ants. 
  • Bed bugs: These can be carried in after traveling or through packages that are delivered. 
  • Cockroaches: In addition to being unsightly, these can cause health issues for your family and any visitors to your property. 
  • Fleas: These are a dangerous nuisance for pets and can be carried in, infesting carpeting or furniture. 
  • House flies: In addition to being annoying, they transmit germs and bacteria;
  • Mosquitos: These ruin outdoor activities and transmit potentially dangerous diseases. 
  • Mice, rats, and other rodents: These destroy property and spread diseases. 
  • Spiders: Poisonous and non-poisonous varieties can leave painful bites and cause health complications. 
  • Stinging insects: Bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets are all common and can get aggressive in Palm Beach. 
  • Termites: Dreaded by property owners, they can ruin your home or other structures. 

Your Trusted Provider of Palm Springs Pest Elimination Services

If you suspect a problem with any of the above common pests in Palm Springs, it is important to take immediate action to avoid a complete infestation. Do-it-yourself methods rarely work and can endanger you, your family or guests, and any pets on your property. 

Proper control of pest problems requires professional grade products and technicians who know what they are doing. At Empire Pest Defense, our Palm Spring pest control experts have years of training and on the job experience. This allows them to quickly identify pest problems in your home or business. You can count on us to take the actions needed to eliminate pests and keep these potentially dangerous nuisances from recurring in the future. 

Schedule an Inspection With Empire Pest Defense

At Empire Pest Defense, we work to quickly and effectively eliminate pest problems at your home or business. To schedule an inspection of your property, call or contact our Palm Springs pest control professionals online today.