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Residential Pest Control in Florida

Your home and family are a few of the most important things in your life and keeping them safe and protected is extremely important to you. If you knew there was something potentially life threatening lurking close to your children, you would stop at nothing to keep it away. Or, if you knew that something devastatingly destructive that could cripple you financially was about attack and ravage your home, you would be ready for war to thwart this attack. These “somethings” are pests. They carry deadly diseases that can destroy your health. Pests can get into your home, contaminate your food, get into your treasured possessions and wreck the support structures within your walls. And worst of all, these pests can bite and sting you or your loved ones, causing itchy welts, allergic reactions or even death. Residential pest control is one of the most important investments in your safety and well being that you can implement.



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We are a local family owned and operated business committed to providing honest and professional quality pest control and lawn care services to the greater Palm Beach area.

We use only the best and latest treatment methods and products available to ensure that your home stays pest free. We start your service with a complete home inspection that allows us to create a customized pest control plan to target your homes specific threats.

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Do Not Take Chances With Your Home And Family

There are many reasons why you should consider professional pest control. One of the biggest reasons is pest prevention. If you are thinking, “I don’t have pests, we are clean, that will not happen to me,” then you are sorely mistaken. Once you let your guard down and think pest problems are what happen to other people, that is when you are the most vulnerable. No home is immune to pest problems and as time and the elements wear down your home, pests find areas of weakness where they can get inside. Why? Because your home has everything they need to survive. Food, shelter and warmth will help them survive the harsh winters and help them grow their colonies, families and nests when food is scarce. Routine pest inspections and treatments will provide a barrier of defense against pesky invaders that could cause catastrophic consequences for your home and family.

Pests Are Dangerous All Year Long

Florida is not immune to pest infestations and there are many types of pests Florida homes are susceptible to. Some homeowners think of pest control as a task that must be accomplished during the spring and summer since pests start “disappearing” in the fall and winter. But this is a great misconception. Fall and winter inspections and treatments are just as important. In the fall, pests feel the chilly weather approach and their instincts tell them winter is coming. They are desperate for shelter and a place to wait out the winter months. These places can be your attic, walls, basement, shed or garage. They will find somewhere warm, out of the cold and close to food. Winter is another vital season for pest control. For instance, technicians can remove egg sacs laid by spiders. These egg sacs are laid in the fall months, maturing throughout the winter and hatch in the springtime which is why you see more spiders in spring. You can avoid pest problems all year long with seasonal West Palm Beach, FL Residential Pest Control from Empire Pest Defense.