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When you think of pest control, you may think of ant sprays or mousetraps. Pest control can be done through a variety of methods. Some people choose human methods, while others, like exterminators, use chemicals to kill the pests.

But what exactly is a pest? To you, a pest may be an insect or mouse. A pest is considered to be any type of animal—such as a rodent, insect or wildlife—that invades a home or business and causes damage or illness. Pests invade buildings because of outside influences, such as poor weather and a lack of food.



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We are a local family owned and operated business committed to providing honest and professional quality pest control and lawn care services to the greater Palm Beach area.

We use only the best and latest treatment methods and products available to ensure that your home stays pest free. We start your service with a complete home inspection that allows us to create a customized pest control plan to target your homes specific threats.

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If you are experiencing a pest problem, you may want to try DIY remedies first. Old-fashioned mousetraps can be helpful if you have a mouse or two, but if you have dozens of them, you’re going to need to enlist West Palm Beach pest services. Empire Pest Defense provides West Palm Beach pest control for those who are having trouble managing a pest problem in their homes.

Preventing and Controlling Pests

If the pests in your home are out of control, it’s time to hire a professional. West Palm Beach pest control can help you prevent and control pests. If you have a suspicion that pests might be inside your home, an exterminator can inspect the premises and tell you for sure.

If you do have pests, a West Palm Beach exterminator can find the entry points and seal them off, determine if there is any damage, eradicate the pests already inside the home and prevent future infestations.

Pests have the ability to reproduce quickly. If you see several mice or insects, it may already be too late. You could have hundreds or even thousands more pests in only a matter of months.

Don’t wait too long to seek West Palm Beach pest services. The sooner you get professional help, the better. Insects and other pests can cause significant damage to homes and spread illnesses to members of the household if they are not dealt with right away.

Insects can lay eggs in your home and eat clothing.They can burrow into the wood of your home and cause structural damage. Mice can eat food, chew wiring and contaminate everything in your home with urine and feces.

You don’t save money by not getting professional pest control. All you do is make matters worse. Get help from a West Palm Beach exterminator from Empire Pest Defense.

Pest Problem? Contact a West Palm Beach Exterminator

Even though Florida offers many outdoor activities, you should still enjoy your home. Don’t be kicked out by annoying pests. Rely on West Palm Beach pest services to remove pests and restore safety to your household.

Contact Empire Pest Defense for the best in West Palm Beach pest control. Our family owned and operated business has many years of experience in pest control. We offer personalized service that will make you feel like family. Get your free estimate today. Just give us a call at (561) 798-7216 or fill out our online form.