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From the drive-thru expedition at Lion Country Safari, to the slides and pools at Calypso Bay Waterpark, there are plenty of things to do in Wellington. While we have might have plenty of things to do, we also have a ton of ants. Take a walk outside your home or your office and you are probably going to see some ants. Did you know that ants are one of the most common home invaders in Florida? If you are tired of battling ants, there is a solution. When you need an experienced Ant Exterminator in Wellington, then you need to call in the professionals with Empire Pest Defense. Simply put, we eradicate ants.



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We are a local family owned and operated business committed to providing honest and professional quality pest control and lawn care services to the greater Palm Beach area.

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How Ants Get Inside Your Home

Because ants are small, they can squeeze into the tiniest of cracks in your home. When a home is not sealed tight to the outside world, that’s when pest problems arise. Over time, weather stripping deteriorates, seals on windows break down and cracks in the exterior and foundation form. Pests, ants included, use these entrances to get inside your home and further grow their families and colonies. Ants have specialized senses that assist them in finding food. They can smell sustenance inside your home and once they find it, ants release pheromones, a chemical they use to communicate with other ants, that alerts them that food is nearby. Soon you have a gigantic ant party in your kitchen. This way of communicating with pheromones is highly specialized and extremely effective and it’s the reason why you never find just one ant at a picnic or just one ant in your snack supply.

Why DIY Pest Control Doesn’t Work

When homeowners find ants in their homes, the first reaction is to run to the nearest grocery store and grab ant bait and pest spray. Google is also a common aid as “DIY ant control” is searched meticulously. What you will find are a myriad of suggestions involving essential oils, borax and cinnamon but these products can slightly impede their route, they do not remove the problem. Ants will always find a way. What is worse is that sometimes DIY ant control can make the problem worse. An inexperienced homeowner might use treatments that scare the ants, thus causing them to spread the alarm to the colony. In that fear heightened state, ants can actually splinter off from the original colony, move to a different area and create their a new queen. With several different colonies now created, your problem is bigger. The ants will multiply faster. Ant control requires carefully treating with extremely effective methods and the right approach. Do you really need professional ant control? The answer is YES!

Ant Extermination You Can Count On

Effective pest control is all about the methods. We spent our time and resources finding the most current and scientifically proven control methods for any type of ant in Wellington Florida. That dedication means you can count on us to exterminate ants. Our technicians are certified problem solvers. They will be able to identify the ant and work with you to create a comprehensive treatment plan. When give us a call at Empire Pest Defense, you know that you are getting a pest exterminator that is dedicated to assisting you. We don’t take shortcuts, because we want to provide you with the best pest control in Wellington. When you are looking for efficient and effective pest control from a friendly and customer service oriented company, then you need to call Empire Pest Defense.