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Do the plants in your yard have a white fuzzy mold growing on the leaves? When you look closely at the leaves do you notice a strange spiraling pattern? If you do, your plants are being attacked by the spiraling whitefly larva. The buildup of the white furry mold can be a particular nuisance. The vegetation in your Wellington yard will look like it belongs in a haunted house and not in a yard. If you want to protect your ornamentals from the spiraling whitefly, you need someone who is serious about pest control. If you are looking for professional pest control in Wellington, Empire Pest Defense is your answer. No matter the pest, we have solution that will stop pests.



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Keep an Eye Out for Whiteflies

Like their name implies, whiteflies are tiny little flies that are white. The spiraling in their name comes from the pattern they leave on the leaves of your favorite ornamentals. Like all whiteflies, this variety is a sap sucker. They use their piercing mouth parts to punch into the leaves of your plants and drink the sap. As the whiteflies consume the sap in your yard, they defecate honeydew. Honey dew is super sweet. The sweet honey dew causes the white fluffy mold to begin to grow. While the whiteflies and the mold are not likely to kill your plants, most homeowners are horrified by the ugly snowy appearance. Since spiraling whiteflies are an invasive species, they do not have natural predators. Since nothing has evolved to eat them here in Wellington Florida, the whiteflies spread without constraint. Fortunately for you, there is a way to stop the whiteflies that have invaded your yard. The first step to pest control in Wellington is a call to Empire Pest Defense.

Contact an Experienced Whitefly Exterminator

When it comes to pest control, we have the equipment and training needed to give you the results you want. Empire Pest Defense is a local company.  We work, live and play in the same areas as you. Since we are local, we understand the specific pest problems for Wellington. We also know how to eradicate pests. We stay up to date on the most current pest control methods by continuing our education. When we arrive to your home or business, we want to have all the equipment and knowhow you expect. We understand pests like whiteflies. We know how they develop, and we understand the best methods for eradication. When you want the best in pest control, you need to give us a call.