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Wasps, no one likes them and the fact that they can repeatedly sting you makes them even more terrifying and frustrating. Unlike bees, which are beneficial to our environment, wasps are an extremely hated pest. They are often confused with bees since some are also black and yellow with stingers. While bees can still sting you, they are more docile and will only do so if they feel extreme danger. Why? Because stinging you acts like a selfless sacrifice to all nearby bees that danger is near. When a bee stings you, it releases a pheromone, which is a chemical that bees nearby can sense. This causes a heightened response so the colony is alerted to the presence of danger. But in general, bees are rather mild-mannered in comparison to their sometimes angry wasp cousins. Wasps do not die when they sting and some species are especially aggressive if provoked. Protecting your yard with professional wasp exterminator in Wellington, FL keeps your family safe.



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Understanding the Difference Between Wasps and Bees

As you work or play in your yard, you will encounter bees and wasps. Recognizing the difference will help you know how to react towards it. First of all, a bee has distinct differences from wasps. Wasps appear hairless and shiny, while the abdomen (the black and yellow part) of a bee appears hairy and soft. Wasps also love human food, particular food that is sweet or meaty. Bees are attracted to flowers and pollen, thus the reason for their positive influence in our environment as they pollinate crops, helping them to grow. The legs of wasps are also visible when they fly where bees legs are hidden. These couple differences are key at determining what you are dealing with.

The Dangers of Handling Wasp Pest Control Yourself

Dealing with bees or wasps can be dangerous. Some varieties of wasps will chase and sting you over and over if they feel threatened. They mean business when it comes to protecting themselves and their hive. When a bee or wasp stings you, the venom released causes pain and a reaction to the intruding substance. In some cases, the body initiates an immune response reaction that can be dangerous. Difficulty breathing, swelling, nausea, rapid heart rate and dizziness are a few symptoms of a bee or wasp sting allergy. When you try and remove wasp nests yourself, you put yourself in jeopardy, whether or not you are allergic to these stings. Save yourself from wasp attacks with a trusted wasp exterminator in Wellington, FL.

Let a Professional Wasp Exterminator Handle the Problem For You

The presence of any stinging pest, whether it be wasps or bees, can really put a damper on any backyard barbeques or chill time on the porch. While bees are important for the ecosystem, large swarms or hives of them nearby can be scary. Empire Pest Defense helps to safely relocate those hives to a better area, far from your home. Wasps on the other hand, are a pesky nuisance and need the expert care of a wasp exterminator. We understand the dangers they can pose to your loved ones and pets. Call us today for year round wasp control so you can relax in your yard once again.