There are many folks who are concerned about what impact various forms of pest control will have on the environment at large. As pest control specialists, we understand the delicate balance that all different forms of animal life have in their respective ecosystem. However, your home is not an ecosystem in which you are compelled to allow guests into. It’s not bad for the environment to restrict access to your environment and green methods of pest control are available. Talk to a West Palm Beach pest control specialist for more details.

Empire Pest Defense takes great aims to ensure that your environment is safe from the various forms of insecticide and rodenticide we use to. We also take great aims to ensure that your environment safe from the many sanitation problems that rodents and insects cause. In this article, we’ll discuss various forms of pest control and alternatives to chemical treatments.

Preventative vs. Active Pest Control Measures

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of pest control techniques and each has their role in the pest control process. When we talk about managing a current infestation, we’re talking about active pest control measures. When we talk about preventing a future infestation, these are preventative measures. You don’t have to eradicate the entire population of insects on your property to manage most pest control issues. Sometimes, it’s a matter of shoring up defenses in the exterior of your house. Other times, it’s a matter of removing foliage that may be attractive to different kinds of insects.

In some cases, pest control technicians will avoid using chemical products when it makes sense. This is especially true in the case of rodents, where trapping may be preferable to rat poison or other forms of chemical pest control.

Green Pest Control Solutions

Some folks ask about “green” pest control solutions. They generally ask what they are and do they work. It’s hard to pinpoint precisely what a green pest control solution is. In most cases, people tend to think they are non-chemical solutions to pest control.

Non-chemical solutions can be effective in certain cases. They are the preferred means of dealing with rodents when there are small children or pets in the house. In other cases, the preferred method might be chemical.

For instance, bed bugs, which are notoriously difficult to get rid of, have tried and true chemical means of eradication. That, however, doesn’t imply that “organic” methods aren’t also effective. Bed bugs can be eradicated using temperature control. One of the major problems with bed bugs is that the methods used to get rid of adult bed bugs won’t work on their eggs. The “green” method of turning up the heat in a room with a major infestation will kill both adults and eggs alike. Using naturally occurring desiccants like dichotomous earth can work as well.

Talk to the West Palm Beach Pest Control Experts at Empire Pest Defense

For those concerned about the impact that chemical pest control has on their family and the environment, green or organic methods of using naturally occurring pesticides can often work. Give us a call or talk to us online to ask about green pest control options for your home.