Living in Lake Worth, definitely has its advantages. We have a wonderfully warm climate year round. Unfortunately, our amazingly warm climate also brings in the bugs. Since we don’t have a winter to kill of insect pests, bugs continue to grow and develop year round. In addition, your home has everything that a pest could want. You have food, water and shelter. If there is a way inside of your home, pests are going to find it.

Pest Control in Lake Worth, Florida

The last thing you want to do is share your home or yard with problematic pests. There are good reasons why we call our warm climate loving critters pests. Your friends at Empire Pest Defense have put together the following list of problem pests that are out to cause problems for your home and your health. For more information about common pests in Florida insect identification is a good resource.

  • Subterranean termites: Any type of termite is going to eat the wood in your home. Subterranean termites are by far the worst kind of termite. They massive colonies filled with hungry termites. Simply put, they can ruin your home.
  • Cockroaches: Flipping on the light and seeing hundreds of cockroach bodies scurry and hide is definitely innerving. Unfortunately, cockroaches also transmit and spread a lot of food borne illnesses. They spent time around sewage and garbage and then spread the bacteria, viruses, and pathogens to your food. Cockroaches are out to ruin your health.
  • Bed bugs: Bed bugs are definitely a problem that is getting worse. If you have an infestation of bed bugs, you are going to be bitten each and every night. The good news is that their bites don’t transmit diseases; the bad news is you have an unwanted dinner guest and you are on their menu.
  • Rodents: Mice and rats have teeth that continuously grow. In order to wear them down and keep their teeth sharp, rodents chew on everything. The y can cause a lot of damage to your home. If that wasn’t enough, rodents are responsible for spreading numerous diseases both directly and indirectly.
  • Other Pests: Wasps will sting you and your family. Spiders like black widows and brown recluses pose a health hazard. Fire ants will fill your yard with mounds and swarm-bite you when you step on their nests. The list goes on and on. Pretty much, if you need pest control in Lake Worth, Florida it is time to call in the professionals.

Professional Florida Pest Control with Empire Pest Defense

When you call in the professionals with Empire Pest Defense, you can say goodbye to pests. We use the principles of integrated pest management so we can create a comprehensive treatment plan. We use a variety of treatments that will target the pest in every life stage. Exterminating pests is what we do. We understand how pests live, where they hide, and we know how to effectively eliminate them from your home, yard, or even your office. Let Empire Pest Defense help you with pest control in Lake Worth, Florida.