We would never want to prevent someone from taking the initiative and being a go-getter, but there are some things you simply cannot leave to chance. The stakes are too high, especially here in Florida where pests are numerous. DIY methods don’t work because West Palm Beach pest control technicians have access to the best chemicals, best safety equipment, and are trained to work with both in order to ensure the safety of our workers. You might be able to purchase some of this stuff online, but some of it you won’t. If you purchased all the stuff we have, you would be spending more money than if you simply called us to do the job. So, while we don’t want to impinge on anyone’s rugged individualism, the best solution is to have the problem handled by the experts.

Below, we’ll talk about some of the reasons why DIY pest control is problematic.

You’re Often Working with Dangerous Chemicals

Pesticides are generally potent neurotoxins which have the express purpose of killing. While they’re fatal to insects and rodents, they’re none too good for humans either. For instance, strychnine, a common rat poison, will kill you just as quickly as it will a rat. Deploying it requires sufficient knowledge of where the rats or mice nest. Additionally, there are safer methods available to those who have dogs and small children around the house. A pest control expert can deploy dangerous chemicals strategically and ensure that they are not a threat to you or your family.

The Risk of Backfiring

If you intend on employing baits and traps, you should be aware that there is the possibility that the strategy will backfire. Why? Because baits and traps lure rodents, insections, and other pests into your home. They are effective, but first, you’ll need to ensure that you have sealed the exterior around your home and managed to address the root problem. Then, when the pests are stranded, you can deploy baits and traps to deal with the infestation. Too many DIY pest control methods create a larger problem than they solve.

Additionally, many believe that if they see insects, they should spray right away. Not a great plan. You’ll only scatter the insects creating the need to spray more places.

The Ultimate Cost

DIY pest control is a business like any other. In many cases, we get customers who thought they can save money by solving the problem themselves. On top of paying us for the job, they have a lot of expensive junk in their garage that didn’t solve the problem they were hoping it would solve. Instead of saving them money, it cost them more. And so the DIY pest control business thrives.

It’s not necessarily that these treatments are ineffective. It’s that their effective under certain circumstances and for certain tasks. Ultimately, expertise is the best form of pest control.

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