Don’t put off calling for West Palm Beach pest control until you’re living with a full-on pest infestation. Learn to recognize the signs that your house is being invaded by pests so you can stop the infestation before it destroys your health and your home.

You’re Seeing Feces you Don’t Recognize

Rodent droppings look like coffee beans, and cockroach droppings look like ground pepper. If you see droppings or urine puddles that you know aren’t from your pets, these are indicators that you have a pest problem and that it may be time to consider calling an exterminator.

You Hear Rustling and Scratching, and You Know You’re Not Going Crazy

If you hear scratching and rustling behind your walls, it could be because there are rodents and insects living there and slowly eating through your home’s frame and chewing your wires.

There Are Little Tunnels in your Walls

Tunnels in your wooden trim and door frames are another sign that there’s another species living in your home. Cases like this usually point to wood boring insects like beetles. These tunnels can compromise your home’s integrity, so don’t wait to call for pest control when you recognize them.

Wires and Walls are Getting Destroyed

Another indicator you have a pest problem is little bite marks in your electrical wires and your drywall. Rodents and insects like to chew through walls, and it’s a sign that your home is under a pest invasion.

Going Outside is Uncomfortable

While mosquitoes and fire ants are a fact of life in Florida, their presence around your home does not have to be tolerated. Mosquitos and fire ants can be mitigated around your home and property with proper precautions and extermination measures. If you are experiencing mosquito or fire ants around your property, it is likely a good idea to consider hiring an exterminator.

You See Pests Moving Through your Home

Cockroaches often like dirty places where food is easy to come by, but cockroaches will also take up residence in clean homes. Mice and other rodents also scavenge for anything they can find. If your home is infested with either, consider giving us a call and we’ll prevent your next noise ordinance violation.

You Can’t Enjoy Fresh Fruit

You buy fresh fruit because you want to enjoy it. If you can’t keep fruit in your home long enough for it to ripen before losing it to fruit flies, this is an indication that you may have an insect infestation that we can fix.

Your Furniture and Carpets are Being Chewed to Bits

To find any source of food, rodents and insects will often chew through things such as carpet or different types of fibers. If you notice small holes and tears in your carpeting, upholstery, or clothing, this could be from pests eating their way through them.

Your Family Falls Ill

Many types of pest carry pathogens into homes that cause humans and pets to become ill. If you notice an increase in illnesses among your family members, it could be because you are exposed to germs carried in by pests.

You’ve Tried Everything and You’ve Still Got Pests

There are a lot of DIY ways to keep pests in your home under control, but when you’ve tried them all and you’re still seeing bugs and rodents in your house, it’s time to call in a professional. Give our professional West Palm Beach pest control a call. Contact Empire Pest Defense today to learn more about your pest extermination options.