Although some pest control chemicals can harm your pets, you have many options for pet-safe pest control. Many American households have pets, and if you are one of these households, tell your exterminator about all the pets in your home during your initial consultation so he or she can determine a safe, appropriate way to remedy the infestation. Do not neglect to mention any fish or reptiles in tanks in your home; these pets can be affected by pest control chemicals and should be protected when you receive residential pest control services.

Pets and Pest Control

When you treat a pest infestation in your home or on your property, you are not just protecting your family from harm and health issues, you are protecting your pets. Do not “wait out” an infestation and assume that the colder weather will correct the problem. During the winter months, some pests move indoors and can continue to harm your pets and your family.

Many pet owners choose natural pest control to avoid exposing their pets to harmful pest control chemicals. These strategies include diatomaceous earth, boric acid, and certain essential oils diluted with water. If you use essential oils for pest control, read their labels closely and research the individual oils you use to ensure that they are safe for pets. Certain essential oils are harmful to dogs, and others are harmful to cats. Do not assume that a pest control strategy is safe for pets just because it is natural or chemical-free. Certain slug baits and pesticides mixed with fertilizers can be harmful to pets.

Choosing Pet-Safe Pest Control Strategy

Sometimes, you need to have your home fumigated to stop a pest infestation. When this is the case, protect your pets by removing them from the home for the duration of the pest treatment.

Do not bring them back to the home until it has been well ventilated and it is safe to enter. Remember to take all of your pet’s belongings, such as their food bowls and toys, out of the home during fumigation as well. If you have pets in tanks, cover the tanks securely during fumigation and turn off any fish tank pumps to prevent the chemicals from reaching your fish.

If you use bait for gophers, mice, or other pests, bury them in areas where your pets cannot reach them. Dogs can dig up buried baits and potentially become very ill from consuming them.

Work with an Experienced Wellington Pest Control Company

Before you schedule pest control services for your home, tell the pest control provider about the pets you in your home so they can determine a safe, pet-friendly solution to your pest problem. Start discussing your pest control needs with an experienced Wellington exterminator today by contacting Empire Pest Defense today to schedule your initial consultation with us. We can answer any questions you have and ensure that your pets are safe while we treat your home for pests.