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Wellington, FL Commercial Pest Control

With plenty of parks and points of recreation, life in Wellington is wonderful. If you own a business you understand the importance of keeping your customers happy. The last thing you want is to have is a swarm of ants crawling around in your reception area or a horde of cockroaches irritating your employees. You work hard to keep your business running at its best and you need a pest control company that works as hard as you. When you want professional commercial pest control in Wellington Florida, all you need to do is contact Empire Pest Defense. We understand the importance of effective pest control and will work with you and your company to provide a comprehensive treatment approach.



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Quality Pest Control

We are a local family owned and operated business committed to providing honest and professional quality pest control and lawn care services to the greater Palm Beach area.

We use only the best and latest treatment methods and products available to ensure that your home stays pest free. We start your service with a complete home inspection that allows us to create a customized pest control plan to target your homes specific threats.

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Comprehensive Commercial Pest Control

  • Integrated Pest Management: One of the main steps of comprehensive pest control is using the principles of integrated pest management, or IPM. When IPM is implemented into a pest control strategy, we use a variety of treatment approaches that targets the pest in every life stage. This allows us to effectively treat pests because we understand how they work and how they get into your business.
  • Working with you: If your shipment doors are open too long, you can get an infestation of mice. If your employees visit an area that has an infestation of bed bugs, they can bring them back to your business. An effective way to reduce your potential for an infestation is through education. We can work with your employees to help them understand what they can do to reduce the risk of infestations.
  • Customer Service: We work with you. Our technicians will listen to your pest problems and help you create real solutions. We understand the importance of running a business and will work around your schedule to provide you with superior pest control how and when you need it.
  • Certified Professionals: We have obtained the necessary training and spend time identifying the most scientifically proven methods for pest control. When you have a pest infestation in your business, we work to have all the expertise you need to provide reliable, effective, pest control.

Professional Pest Control Serving Wellington

We provide commercial pest control in Wellington Florida. If you have a pest infestation that is making it difficult to run your business, we want to know. With our professional expertise, we can help you eradicate any infestation. We take pride in our dedicated work ethic. In addition, we are a local company. That means we understand how to treat the different types of pests that are common to Wellington. When you want the professional, effective pest control, you need Empire Pest Defense. We can help you defend your business from any pest infestation.