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Unfortunately, pest problems are not limited to residential areas. Even commercial buildings and offices are prone to pesky ants, termites, beetles, spiders and flies. While seeing one or two of these creatures every now and then may not be cause for alarm, if you start seeing them on a consistent basis, you likely have an infestation problem. If this is the case, you should consider West Palm Beach Commercial pest control.

A pest issue is something that you can’t ignore. It won’t go away if you do nothing. It will only get worse over time as you give the pests the opportunity to reproduce and create thousands of more pests.

A pest issue in an office building is also a health concern. Flies alone carry 60 different diseases, so you are risking the health of employees, clients, vendors and anyone else who steps foot into your office. You are also decreasing productivity by allowing employees to be annoyed by these pests. Keep your office safe and clean by hiring West Palm Beach commercial pest services to eradicate and control pests.



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Why Do Pests Invade Office Buildings?

Pests will typically stay outside where they belong unless they have a reason to seek shelter indoors. The cold weather may cause them to seek the warmth of a building. If there is a water source outside your property or food inside or outside, mice and other pests may find your building an attractive place to hang out.

You will know that you have a pest problem if you see the actual pests (ants, mice, cockroaches, etc.). You might also notice mice droppings or see the damage caused by these pests, such as chewed wiring, holes in wood or scattered food.

What You Can Do

First, let your building manager or maintenance crew know about the issue so they can take appropriate measures. They can search around the premises for entry points. If they find any, they can plug them up with caulking and other materials.

You can do your part by keeping food in the refrigerator. Don’t leave fruit and other foods in or on your desk overnight. Keep the break room clean by washing used dishes and cleaning off dirty surfaces. Empty the garbage every night. Don’t overwater plants, as this can attract gnats. You can also reduce clutter, as this will keep out mice, spiders, and other pests.

Do not use your own pesticides. These sprays can cause irritation and trigger allergies or asthma. If you believe you have a pest infestation, get help from a West Palm Beach commercial exterminator who can assess the situation.

Do You Have an Office Pest Problem? Contact a West Palm Beach Commercial Exterminator

Pests aren’t picky. They’ll find their way into homes and businesses, leaving a trail of damage along the way.

If your business is suffering due to annoying insects, contact Empire Pest Defense for the best in West Palm Beach commercial pest control. Our family owned and operated business has many years of experience in pest control. We will work with you and your business to create a customized approach to pest control. Schedule a free consultation today by calling (561) 798-7216 or filling out our online form.