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How Long Do I Need to Wait After a Pest Control Service to Bring Baby Home?

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Having a baby is an exciting and busy time in any couple’s life. Along with the anticipation of meeting this new family member, there is the rush to get things ready and organized at home. Our West Palm Beach pest control experts are here to help during this time, eliminating pests that spread germs, contaminate food, and generally endanger your infant’s health. Of course, you may be equally concerned about the effects pest control treatment could have on your baby and how long you should wait after to bring your little one home. The following offers advice on how to address the issue safely and effectively.

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Pest Control and Your Newborn

Pregnancy is the time for getting your home ready for your newborn. Including pest control as part of these plans is a smart choice. Bugs and insects found in South Florida can pose significant health risks:

  • Bed bugs and fleas can bite and cause rashes, while spider bites transmit bacteria that can result in serious illness;
  • Ants can spread germs as they crawl over countertops, while roaches can contaminate food and leave waste that causes allergies and breathing problems;
  • Termites, mice, and other pests can destroy wood, wiring, and insulation, making your home unsafe and resulting in costly repairs.

Working with our West Palm Beach pest control providers, you can schedule pest elimination services well before your baby’s arrival. Even if you do end up needing a visit right before you bring your newborn home, it is generally safe to do so within just a few hours after treatment.

To Protect Your Child, Leave Pest Control to the Professionals

Concerns over pest control and the effects it could have on newborns are justified. According to the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC), over-the-counter pesticides can prove especially dangerous to infants due to the following:

  • Your infant’s brain, nervous system, and lungs are still developing;
  • An infant’s liver and kidneys do not remove pesticides from their bodies as effectively as an adult’s;
  • As infants take more frequent breaths, they may be more likely to inhale pesticides into their lungs.

Over-the-counter sprays and baits leave residue on your hands, tend to accumulate on surfaces, and are generally ineffective. Not treating pests in your home is not the solution, as this also exposes your infant to potential harm. The smart choice is to leave pest control to the professionals. Our West Palm Beach pest control experts have the training, tools, and skills needed to eliminate unwanted pests efficiently and effectively, making your home safer for your baby.

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Our West Palm Beach pest control team can help you prepare for the arrival of your little one by making sure your home is pest free. We protect your child against the dangers of pests while using products that allow you to bring your baby home right away. To discuss your options, contact Empire Pest Defense and request an inspection today.

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