Living in South Florida, pests are a fact of life. You are likely to encounter them any time you step outside and all too often they can end up invading your home. Pests can cost you significant amounts of money in terms of property damage while putting your health at risk, which makes pest control a smart investment. As West Palm Beach pest control experts, the team at Empire Pest Defense can eliminate your problem and offers a 100 percent customer guarantee. While actual costs vary, the following outlines general expenses associated with professional pest control services.

Calculating the Cost of Pest Control

When calculating the cost of West Palm Beach pest control, you will need to factor in the type of pest you are dealing with, the extent of any infestation, and the amount of effort that will be needed to eradicate it. You also need to consider any ongoing services you will likely need to prevent pests from returning in the future.

Home Advisor states that in terms of pest control costs, the following are averages for a 1,500 square foot home with a moderate infestation. Treatment for larger properties and more entrenched infestations will end up costing more:  

  • One-time treatments: For a one-time treatment of a pest problem, prices run up to $500 or more. This will include identifying the pest, uncovering where the main colony or nest is hiding, exterminating it, and identifying ways you can prevent a repeat infestation.   
  • Initial visit: An initial visit is generally conducted when residential or commercial property owners contract with a pest control company for ongoing services. This initial visit, which involves identifying and uncover the source of the problem, can cost several hundred dollars.
  • Periodic treatments: Once you have contracted with a West Palm Beach pest control company and have had an initial visit, periodic treatments to keep pests from invading your home are generally about $50 per month.

How Our West Palm Beach Pest Control Experts Save You Money

Uncovering pests is no easy task. If you see one, that likely means there are hundreds if not thousands of others hiding somewhere in your home. In light of the potential damages, pest can cause, professional pest control is something every West Palm Beach homeowner should include within their budget. Expenses you could incur by ignoring the issue or by trying to address it on your own include:

  • The purchase of over-the-counter pesticides, which are dangerous and ineffective;
  • Having to replace bedding, furniture, and other personal belongings;
  • Repairs to woodworking and surrounding home structures;
  • Replacing wiring, insulation, and other materials destroyed by pests.

Request a Pest Inspection Today

Do not waste money on ineffective treatments that fail to address the problem as pests destroy your property and put your health at risk. As West Palm Beach pest control experts, we can address the issue effectively and efficiently while backing our work with a 100 percent customer guarantee. Reach out and call or contact Empire Pest Defense online and schedule an inspection today.