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Cockroaches are one of the world’s most resilient creatures. Scientists have hailed them as being virtually indestructible. As an experienced Wellington Pest Control company that knows a thing or two about roaches, we agree that cockroach infestation can be challenging to tackle, but not impossible to control. If you apply the right methods and products, there is no reason why your home or office shouldn’t be pest-free.



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We use only the best and latest treatment methods and products available to ensure that your home stays pest free. We start your service with a complete home inspection that allows us to create a customized pest control plan to target your homes specific threats.

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Signs of a Cockroach Infestation

Being nocturnal creatures, cockroaches come out and feed in the dark. If you’ve spotted one or more behind your sink or refrigerator or under floor drains and inside appliances during the day, you may have an infestation issue. If you have found them loitering on your kitchen floor or slinking within the wall cracks of your office break room at night, it’s time to call Empire Pest Defense.

Cockroach feces is another sign. Smaller roaches expel feces resembling black pepper while their larger cousins produce black or brown cylindrical droppings.

Cockroach infested areas give out an unpleasant musty smell. You may even spot ootheca, egg cases of cockroaches behind furniture and other hidden locations.

The Effects of a Cockroach Infestation in Wellington

Cockroaches have a reputation for causing the highest rate of allergies in urban dwellings, with symptoms including redness, itching and asthma. As you may imagine, the roaches can very easily contaminate your food. The problem starts when the insects regurgitate or defecate in food items, spreading parasites and bacteria residing in their bodies. Should salmonella bacteria from cockroaches be transmitted to humans, food poisoning or even typhoid may result in severe cases.

When large-scale, unfettered infestations occur, cockroaches may become uninvited guests in your bathroom and bedroom, crawling over you and disgustingly, even entering your mouth, ears or nostrils. Note that cockroaches are omnivores, eating meat, plants and even nibbling on human flesh- living and dead. It is not rare to discover that adventurous roaches have taken a bite of your feet or fingernails while you sleep!

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With routine pest control inspections, you can achieve a completely pest free house. We won’t quit till you are happy. Your positive experience is our goal and your recommendation to friends and family means so much to us. We look forward to helping you.