Acrobat Ant Identification & Prevention

What you need to know about acrobat ants in West Palm Beach, Florida

Acrobat ants are a common species of ants living across Florida. Learning about these ants and partnering with a professional that can provide pest control services in West Palm Beach is the best ways to stop them from getting comfortable on your property.

What are acrobat ants?

Acrobat ants are considered native to Florida and live successfully throughout our state. Our warm, humid climate allows them to remain active throughout the year, finding their way into our yards or homes at any time.

Most ants look very similar, so it can be tricky to tell what species is on your property. If there is any good news regarding these ants, the acrobat ant can be easy to identify. The faster you can identify the intruder on your property, the easier it will be to eliminate them! Acrobat ants have a unique ability to raise their heart-shaped abdomen over their thorax and head when disturbed. 

acrobat ants crawling on a tree

Are acrobat ants dangerous?

Compared to other types of ants, acrobat ants are mainly nuisance pests. However, keeping acrobat ants away from your West Palm Beach home and family is always best. When the colony is disturbed, these ants may retaliate and defend themselves by biting, but they are not an overly aggressive species. Other problems caused by these pests include spreading bacteria to surfaces, contaminating food, and being difficult to control and eliminate.

Why do I have an acrobat ant problem?

Our Florida yards provide acrobat ants with plenty of nesting sites, food, and water sources, making them places these ants thrive. As worker acrobat ants move around your property searching for food sources, it is common for them to end up in your home. They will travel along tree limbs and wires and move inside through cracks or gaps around windows, doors, vents, and outdoor lights. Spaces around wires and cables entering your house are another common entry point for these ants.

Where will I find acrobat ants?

When living and nesting outside, these ants can reside anywhere. The damp soil under fallen trees, tree stumps, large rocks, and landscaping ties are familiar places to discover these ants.

Inside our Florida homes, acrobat ants like to nest in wall voids or pieces of structural wood damaged by moisture. They will also inhabit wood invaded and damaged by wood-boring insects like carpenter ants. 

How do I get rid of acrobat ants?

If you are concerned that acrobat ants have found their way to your West Palm Beach, FL property, contact the experts at Empire Pest Defense. We are a local company committed to our community and offer our customers top-notch services. We will eliminate your current problems with acrobat ants and prevent them from returning through our home pest control services.

To control acrobat ants and other common household pests, we perform detailed inspections, effective interior and exterior treatments, and provide peace of mind with our ongoing services. Call us today to learn more about acrobat ant control in West Palm Beach!

How can I prevent acrobat ants in the future?

We have put together a list of our most helpful ant prevention tips to help you stop acrobat ants from taking over your property.

  • Use silicone caulk to seal any cracks in your home’s exterior, paying particular attention to windows and doors.
  • Seal spaces around wires, cables, and other utilities entering your home.
  • Eliminate excess water around the perimeter of your home by ensuring gutters and downspouts are working correctly.
  • Trim back tree branches and shrubs from your home’s exterior.
  • Remove woodpiles and other yard debris from your property.
  • Limit food odors that could initially attract these ants to your property by keeping lids on trash cans, harvesting gardens and fruit trees, and keeping outdoor eating areas free of food debris. 

It is helpful to use dehumidifiers inside your house and ensure your home is well-ventilated to keep moisture levels low. Reach out today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in West Palm Beach.


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