Fire Ant Identification

What are fire ants?

Fire ants are a small, aggressive, invasive species that find their way into our Florida yards and drive away native species of insects. These pests are persistent, and preventing them from wanting to nest on your property is difficult. Fire ants are small, reddish-brown, aggressive, and deliver painful bites and stings.

fire ants on house plant

Are fire ants dangerous?

Fire ants are aggressive and work as a group to protect their nest from anything they view as a threat. When these ants are nesting in your yards, they will consider you, your kids, and your pets as a threat and won’t hesitate to deliver painful stings. Having fire ants in your yard will reduce your ability to spend time comfortably and safely in your outdoor space; just walking across your yard to get the mail could result in painful bites!

Why do I have a fire ant problem?

Fire ants are no different from other types of ants, and one of the biggest attractants to a property is food sources. Fire ants can search for food more than 100 feet from the nest, meaning fire ants could have a nest on a neighboring property and still be in your yard searching for food and causing you and your family problems.

Like most other ants, fire ants are omnivores and feed on fruits, sugars, proteins, seeds, grease. Gardens, trash cans, recycling bins, pet food, and outdoor eating areas provide food for fire ants.

Where will I find fire ants?

Fire ants are most likely to build a nest in an open sunny area, which is why our lawns are some of their favorite nesting spots. These ants build large nesting mounds. The above-ground portion of the nesting mound is usually cone-shaped and a few inches tall and can grow several feet wide. 

Fire ants aren’t as likely as other ants to want to nest indoors, but they will travel indoors searching for food like other ants. You may see these ants moving in and out of your West Palm Beach home to gather food to bring back to the nest. Early morning and early evening are when fire ants are most active foraging for food.

How do I get rid of fire ants?

To get rid of the current problems you may be experiencing with fire ants, reach out to the experts at Empire Pest Defense. We understand how frustrating and unpleasant it can be to have these pests nesting in your outdoor space. We will protect your home or business from ants and other pests through detailed inspections, effective interior and exterior treatments, and ongoing services.

Empire Pest Defense is a local company with a deep commitment to our community and providing our customers with top-notch services. All of our technicians are licensed, insured, trained, and dedicated to helping West Palm Beach home and business owners keep their properties free of pests. Contact us today and learn more about our customized pest control solutions!

How can I prevent fire ants in the future?

Avoid problems with fire ants with the help of the professionals at Empire Pest Defense, our effective pest control solutions, and our practical prevention tips:

  • To stop fire ants from moving into your house to forage for food, inspect your home’s exterior, sealing any space and other entry points you discover.

  • Seal spaces around wires, pipes, and cables to stop fire ants from using them as a highway into your home.

  • Limit their access to food on your property by keeping lids on trash cans and recycling bins.

  • Keep outdoor eating areas free of leftover drinks and food debris.

  • Maintain garden areas, regularly harvesting fruits and vegetables.

  • Fill in bare spots in your yard that could make it easier for fire ants to create a nest in your yard.

  • To protect yourself from fire ant bites, avoid their nests until a professional can come to your property and treat the infestation. 


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