Are White Flies In West Palm Beach Infesting Your Indoor Plants?

July 30, 2022

Has your indoor garden been looking a little sparse lately? Are the leaves on your plants starting to turn yellow and wilt? If so, you may have a white fly infestation. White flies are small, sap-sucking insects that can quickly damage and kill plants.

If left untreated, they can also spread diseases from one plant to another. If you're having trouble getting rid of these pests, pest control in West Palm Beach can help.

Most firms offer comprehensive white fly removal services to take care of the problem. So if you come across any white flies in your plants, promptly call pest control, and they'll take care of the rest.

Don't let these pesky bugs ruin your plants.

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White Flies: Tiny White Pests 

You don't want pests around your home, and the same goes for white flies. These bugs feed on your plants and cause the leaves to wilt and fall off prematurely. 

They're also known to spread diseases from one infected plant to a new healthy one. This makes white flies on plants a considerable threat to your garden and the environment.

Below are a few reasons why white flies may be infesting your indoor plants:

  • You have a lot of new or young plants in your garden.
  • Your garden is near a dumpster or other source of garbage.
  • The weather is warm and humid.

Despite their small size, white flies can do a lot of damage to plants. If you see any evidence of a white fly infestation, call pest control. They know the best way to kill the flies and help you restore your garden to its former glory.

Indoor Plants And White Flies 

While white flies are most commonly found on outdoor plants, they can also infest indoor plants. Indoor plants may be more susceptible to a white fly infestation since they're typically close to humans and pets.

Some of the telltale signs that you have a white fly infestation in your indoor plants are:

  • Wilting leaves: The leaves of infected plants will start to wilt and turn yellow.
  • Honeydew: White flies excrete a sticky substance called honeydew. This will make the leaves and stems of the plant sticky and shiny.
  • Sooty mold: The honeydew left behind by white flies will often attract sooty mold. This black fungus will grow on top of the honeydew and can damage the plant.

Stumbling upon white flies on your indoor plants is never a good sign. Reach out to local pest control to take care of the infestation. They'll get rid of flies outside and inside your home in no time.

Four Simple Ways To Get Rid Of White Flies Indoors

Most gardeners try and avoid using pesticides around their plants. If you feel the same, you'll be pleased to know there are natural remedies for flies that can help get rid of them. 

Here are four simple ways to get rid of white flies indoors:

  1. Sticky traps: These traps use a sticky adhesive to trap the flies. Once they're stuck, they can't escape.
  2. Horticultural oil: This is a type of oil that's sprayed on the plant's leaves. It smothers the flies and eventually kills them.
  3. Soap spray: A soap spray is made up of dish soap and water. It's sprayed on the leaves of the plant and drowns the flies.
  4. Diatomaceous earth: This is a natural mineral that's used to kill insects. It works by puncturing the flies' exoskeleton and then dehydrating them.

Should these remedies not work, reach out to pest control. They'll offer you various solutions to get rid of the white flies in your home and garden once and for all.

Professional Fly Control Service For West Palm Beach Residents 

For a comprehensive white fly removal service, reach out to Empire Pest Defense. We've provided quality pest control services to West Palm Beach residents for years.

We offer a variety of services that'll take care of pest problems. From fly prevention to fly removal, we have you covered. Contact us today if you have an issue with any types of flies, including white flies, drain flies, or any other pest.

We offer a free consultation so you can learn more about our services and how we can help you. Call Empire Pest Defense today.

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