Earwigs in West Palm Beach: The Facts Versus The Myths

October 15, 2021

The name earwig derives from an old myth. The myth claims that earwigs are parasitic, entering through your ear to gnaw on your brains. In truth, earwigs are no more likely than other insects to enter your ear. Earwigs are not parasites. They do not feed on your brain for sustenance. While they are harmless and a pinch rarely breaks the skin, earwigs can live up to certain epithets like other notorious pests. Earwigs destroy gardens and decimate fruit. Once they’ve attacked your garden, they can invade your home. The first step to removing earwigs from your home or garden is identifying their presence. 

earwig on a tree limb

What Attracts Earwigs To Your West Palm Beach Home? 

Earwigs prefer moist conditions. Sometimes leaks or condensation can provide such conditions. If leaves have blown into a garage or unfinished basement, this offers the perfect home for an earwig. Earwigs can invade your home by entering through cracks, holes, or other small openings. Unwittingly, you may facilitate access into your home. Earwigs may hide in a bundle of magazines or newspapers. They may conceal themselves in some boxes or a stack of books. You may also lure earwigs to your household through a bright light. Earwigs may repose hidden in a box. After you bring the box into your home, the invasion requires zero effort for the earwig. 

Earwig Prevention In West Palm Beach

Though there are lots of ways earwigs can make their way inside, fortunately, we have some prevention tips from the experts to keep earwigs and other unwanted pests out of your West Palm Beach home. 

  • Make sure that the door sweeps fit tightly below each door. 
  • If your house has a crawlspace, block it with a vapor barrier. From there, you can also work to dehumidify the area to render it less inhabitable. 
  • Cover any potential entry points with steel wool. 
  • Remove leaves from your garage, and hire a professional to fix that leak. 
  • Trim trees to increase the distance between vegetation and your home, thereby decreasing the likelihood of earwigs migrating into your home. 
  • Check gutters. Drain the house to prevent moisture accumulation. 
  • To protect fruit trees, spread tanglefoot, a sticky substance, on the trunks of your trees to prevent earwigs from climbing up.
  • Change your outdoor lighting. Use yellow bulbs instead of white bulbs, as white bulbs attract more insects.
  • Lastly, you should remove any moist soil or mulch near the house and replace it with dry soil or crushed stone. Earwigs are less likely to rest in your soil if it’s unbearably dry.

Getting Rid Of Earwigs With Non-Chemical Methods

Non-chemical methods can remove earwigs from your home. One such method involves traps. Place traps throughout your yard. If you can successfully eliminate earwigs in your yard, they can’t invade your home. Use catfish or tuna fish as bait. The fish oil attracts earwigs. That being said, if there are more alluring food sources for earwigs, they are unlikely to avoid your trap altogether. An earwig prefers to munch on your fresh fruit.

Pesticides And Insecticides

Pesticides work to protect plants from unwanted pests. Some, however, are detrimental to the ecosystem, so you need to be careful about which one you choose and do your research. 

Professionals use pesticides to prevent further infestation. A residual insecticide like permethrin or cyfluthrin can prevent entrance into your home. It is worth noting that insecticide will not eliminate an existing infestation in your home. You can use these sprays without professional assistance, but this is inadvisable. However, if you choose to do so, you should use products like permethrin, deltamethrin, or acetamiprid. 

The Experts At Empire Pest Defense Can Solve Your Earwig Problem

All in all, if earwigs have infiltrated your home, you should call the professionals at Empire Pest Defense. Insecticides are effective for stymieing entrance into your home, but they do little to remove an existing infestation. Our experts at Empire Pest Defense have the tools and experience to solve your earwig problem. We know how to assess your unique situation and ultimately remove your infestation. 

Don’t let earwigs make their way into your home and take over your space. Moreover, don’t remove an earwig infestation without professional assistance. Let the professionals handle this. If you live in West Palm Beach, reach out to us today.

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