How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your West Palm Beach Home

June 15, 2021

Homeowners tend to think that DIY methods will be cheaper in the long run than paying professionals for work. While this can certainly save you money on basic home repairs and projects, there are many reasons why pest professionals continue to be the most effective way to truly keep pests out. Learn why at-home solutions aren’t the best, especially when it comes to parasites like bed bugs.

bed bug crawling on bedding

Bed Bugs: An Overview

While all pests are gross, people tend to be especially disgusted by bed bugs because of their parasitic feeding habits. Bed bugs tend to contaminate furniture or clothing that is near enough to people during nighttime that our skin will be a short crawl away for them to feed on. While this includes mattresses and sheets, bed bugs will also target a myriad of other common household items. Experts know how to separate misconceptions from real behaviors, which is why our targeted services are more effective than products applied by amateurs. Not only do people not realize all the places bed bugs hide, they often don’t realize just how easy it can be to wind up with an infestation. These bugs can be tracked in on used items you purchase from the store or they can simply cling to hair, skin, and clothing until you transport them to a good nesting area without even realizing it. Many people don’t know they have a bed bug infestation until it’s too late, which is why every homeowner should seek professional assistance and inspections.

The Real Cost Of DIY Pest Control

Usually, people turn to at-home methods because they think that DIY will be cheaper in the long run. Many pests prove this assumption wrong, especially bed bugs. Most options, like essential oils or other concoctions that claim to ward off pests, will be largely ineffective at accomplishing what they claim to do. Even when they work, these methods aren’t full solutions because unhatched eggs go unharmed and replenish the bed bug population keeping an infestation going. Unless you locate and target every pest, at every stage of life, these DIY solutions will only provide temporary relief. When those solutions don’t work, you’ve just wasted time and money and still have to make further investment to fully eliminate the problem. It’s better to turn directly to professionals right away than try supposedly cheaper alternatives.

Bed Bug Control That Actually Works

But that’s what a pest company would tell you, right? It’s true that we’ve got products and services to sell, but we can back up our claims that expert control is better than cheaper alternatives -- with a proven track record and hard facts. Our bed bug services come in three simple steps that, because of our expertise, are a lot more effective and efficient than what homeowners can accomplish on their own.

  • Inspection: This is the first and most crucial step and highlights exactly why experts are more effective than everyday property owners. Only trained professionals know how to thoroughly check for bed bugs and the eggs they hide around a home.
  • Treatment: Once we’ve determined the scope of the problem, we can implement safe and effective solutions that will fully address the infestation.
  • Follow-up: This step demonstrates the kind of time commitment that’s necessary to truly make sure pests are gone. Most homeowners apply their solutions and then move on, but we’ll follow-up with you after our services to make sure they’re working.

Contact Empire Pest Defense Today

Rather than try to handle it on your own, a bed bug infestation is Exhibit A on why proper pest control is a job for experts. They’re tiny and tough to fully root out, let alone locate in the first place. Instead of flushing your time and money down the drain with DIY attempts, turn directly to Empire Pest Defense for true pest control today. We can schedule a thorough inspection of your home today, spotting signs of an existing pest infestation or letting you rest easy (literally) knowing that a trained professional has cleared you from having a problem. Whether you need elimination or not, a partnership with Empire Pest Defense is the best way to protect against bed bugs, so contact us today.

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