How To Prepare An Apartment For Pest Control

August 16, 2019

Preparing for pest control is rarely easy. There’s a lot to do, and many things to think about. Homeowners can often talk to the pest control technician to learn of the steps they need to take. For those in apartment buildings, it’s not that simple. Tenants in apartment units often don’t have the convenience of speaking to the technician because the landlord or building manager set up the service. Tenants must also sometimes leave before the technician arrives, and they come back after the technician has gone. So, how can you prepare your apartment for West Palm Beach pest control services?

Preparing For Cockroach And Ant Removal

Ants and cockroaches are treated in a very similar manner. Gel baits are typically placed in areas the pests have been seen. If you have an ant problem, this bait is sometimes placed in bait traps. 

Start preparing by removing everything out of your kitchen cupboards and cabinets. Ants and cockroaches tend to invade mostly the kitchen, as this becomes their food source. Removing everything allows the technician to reach inside these areas and either spray or put down the gel bait. 

Also, leave a note for the technician. State how often you see the pests, and where you see them most often. This will let the technician know of the areas they should concentrate on the most. Make sure you also indicate any areas you do not want to be sprayed, such as a child’s nursery. 

Preparing For Flea Removal

If your apartment has a flea problem, you need to make sure the home is clean, particularly the areas that are infested. Vacuum your couch and all other furniture. Also, vacuum any rugs or carpets. If you have a pet, wash their bedding in extremely hot water or destroy it completely. Bathe and treat your pets for fleas, so you’re not bringing the problem back into your home after treatment. 

Preparing For Termite Removal

When there is a termite problem in an apartment building, typically the entire building must be tented. This means you likely won’t be able to stay in your unit for a period of time. Make other arrangements for accommodations, and move all furniture three feet away from the wall. Pull all the clothing out of every closet, or cover it to protect them from the dust associated with drilling into walls. 

Preparing For Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs are extremely common in apartment buildings. If your unit is being treated, remove all bedding from each bed. Wash these in very hot water. Any toys, shoes, or other items should be removed from the floor, and not left on furniture. This will allow a technician to access every area bed bugs reside and eradicate the problem. 

Call A Pest Control Service In West Palm Beach For Help

If you know your apartment is being treated for pests and aren’t sure what to do, call a West Palm Beach pest control service for help. At Empire Pest Defense, we’re happy to advise on the steps to take to prepare your apartment for the service. Call us today at (561) 295-1346 to learn more.

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