Ignoring The Ants In West Palm Beach Could Spell Trouble

September 30, 2022

How much can you tolerate ants? Can you ignore these small insects if they only invade your home once a week? What about once a day? If you grew up in a home that regularly had trouble with pests, you may have no problem letting bigons be bigons with ants. The question is, will this lead to trouble? Today we will be talking about the different types of ants in West Palm Beach and providing you with a solution to get and keep these pests out. If you would rather skip right to getting professional ant control, call our team at Empire Pest Defense. Our team would be happy to inspect your home and offer some quick treatment options to solve your pest problems.

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What Kind Of Ants Are Inside My Home?

West Palm Beach is no stranger to ant problems. Many homeowners in our area regularly have trouble with these pests indoors. The question is, what kinds of ants invade local dwellings? Here are a few species you should know about and how to identify each.

  • A ghost ant is 1/16” long and has a dark brown thorax, pale legs, and a pale yellow abdomen. This local species is hard to see because of its appearance.
  • A white-footed ant is ⅛” long, black to brown, and has pale yellow feet. Mature colonies of these pests can have upwards of three million members.
  • A black crazy ant is 1/16 to ⅛” long and has a black body. This pest was named for the way it moves erratically while scavenging and running away from predators.
  • A carpenter ant is ⅝” long and red, black, or red and black in color. These invasive insects love to chew through wood and can cause extensive damage to area properties.
  • A fire ant is ⅛ to ⅜” long and has a dark reddish-brown body. These insects usually live outdoors and threaten homeowners with painful bites and stings.

What Happens If I Ignore The Ants In My Home?

There are many problems that arise when ants are allowed to roam freely indoors. Some species spread harmful bacteria over countertops and left-out food. Others build large nests inside wall voids. Carpenter ants, in particular, chew tunnels into structural wood and can cause extensive damage, over time. To assess your risk of ant problems, let one of our technicians inspect your home and property. 

Are Store-Bought Ant Products Effective?

If you are looking for DIY ant control options, we caution you to be careful with what you use. Many store-bought pesticides are either harmful to human health when used improperly or not designed to deal with ants. We regularly hear horror stories of local homeowners getting sick after trying to deal with pests on their own. To help you avoid wasting your time, money, and health, leave your ant pest control needs to a professional. 

Professional Ant Control For West Palm Beach Properties 

If you are looking for effective ant control in West Palm Beach, let us help you today. At Empire Pest Defense, we offer top-of-the-line services at affordable rates. We will inspect your home and property for pest pressures and entry points and offer a control option to deal with invasive species like ants. If you have more questions about the ants around West Palm Beach, we have many resources on our website.

Call today if you want to learn more about pest control in West Palm Beach. Our team will answer any questions you have and schedule your home and property for a detailed service visit.

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