Lawn Pest Control And Your Lawn Routine: A Perfect Harmony For West Palm Beach Lawns

January 10, 2024

In West Palm Beach, the high humidity and extreme temperatures can make it challenging to keep your yard looking its best. When you add in the fact that several small creatures are waiting to cause damage to your grass, plants, and trees, maintaining a healthy landscape becomes even more challenging. 

At Empire Pest Defense, we know the secret to maintaining a healthy landscape and keeping pests away from your yard. We offer a variety of lawn pest control services and can help you maintain your landscape all year long. 


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Identifying Common Lawn Pests In West Palm Beach

Many people think lawn pests are herbivores that destroy your plants and grass by eating at the leaves, roots and stems. While this does describe some lawn pests, not all of them are looking to snack on your plants. Instead, some pests will dig through the soil and roots of your plants, destroying small portions of your yard at a time. Some of the different types of lawn-destroying pests our local pest control techs see most often include:

  • Ants: Fire ants are notorious for causing damage to lawns. They will build large and elaborate nests underneath and above the ground. Their nests disturb the soil and roots of nearby plants and grass and can cause yellow patches in your yard.
  • Rodents: Mice, rats, and other rodents can wreak havoc on your yard in a short amount of time. They will burrow underground, tearing at the nearby root system of plants and trees. They can also eat the vegetables in your garden and nibble at the bark on trees, causing significant damage.
  • Whiteflies: These small, white flies feed on plant sap and can spread diseases to different plants, causing significant damage to the grass and plants in your yard. 

If you notice that the trees and plants in your yard are starting to die for seemingly no reason, you need to contact our lawn pest control service technicians as soon as possible to identify the cause and prevent any more damage. 

The Relationship Between Pest Infestations And Grass Quality

Many pests are more likely to invade your yard if the grass is already damaged. Dead and damaged grass will emit certain chemicals into the air to which some pests are attracted. Additionally, if the soil in your yard is moist and soft, you are likely to have a variety of pests burrow and build nests under the soil. 

A professional pest control company specializing in lawn care can inspect and assess your lawn to determine if certain factors on your property are attracting pests. 

Implementing Effective Pest Control Measures As Part of Your Routine

Many pests are more likely to invade your yard if there are plenty of hiding spaces. Make sure to remove any piles of leaves, fallen tree branches and limbs, and other debris in your yard. If you have piles of firewood, elevate them off the ground. 

You should also check your gutters to ensure they are working correctly. Clean your gutters out regularly to make sure they don’t get clogged and can adequately deter water away from your home.

If you aren’t sure why pests keep invading your yard, have your entire property inspected by a professional who offers pest control for lawns to see if they can find out why pests are attracted to your property. 

Consulting Professionals For Tailored Pest Control Solutions

Finding the right pest control solution for your lawn can be challenging because so many factors can affect the outcome. At Empire Pest Defense, we offer custom lawn care services and comprehensive pest control solutions in West Palm Beach. We can combine our knowledge of both industries to help keep your West Palm Beach property looking great. 

Give us a call today to see how we can help.


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