West Palm Beach Residents' Complete Guide to Cockroach Prevention

December 15, 2021

Cockroaches are some of the most dangerous and invasive pests species in West Palm Beach, so knowing how to prevent them is key.

While roaches are known to be unsanitary, they are much more dangerous than many people realize as they can spread dozens of diseases, including salmonellosis, dysentery, and gastroenteritis. Because of this, learning how to identify, prevent, and control infestations as quickly as possible will help you keep yourself and others safe.

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The first palace to start when it comes to cockroach control is identifying if you already have an infestation or not. You can look out for these signs of cockroach activity:

  • Irregular-shaped, brown smear marks around walls and appliances
  • Discarded eggs or shed skins around baseboards or in kitchen areas
  • A stale or musty stench that wasn’t there before

Once you’ve checked around your property for any of these signs, you can decide what to do next based on the outcome. If you don’t have roaches yet, follow the rest of the steps in this guide. However, if you do have cockroaches already in your home, getting residential pest assistance is the best approach.

The First Step In Cockroach Prevention

If you aren’t seeing any signs of cockroaches around your property, the next step is to try and prevent them from coming around. Overall, you should start by deep cleaning, focusing heavily on kitchen spaces where cockroaches hang out often.

Here are the top five cleaning tips to keep cockroaches away:

  1. As roaches love clutter, remove excess debris around your home and even in garages. You should also remove trash and organic debris from around the yard.
  2. Clean under heavy appliances, in the back of cupboards, and in other areas that aren’t often addressed.
  3. Always clean up food and drink spills as they happen. Regularly clean floors and do dirty dishes. Wipe up countertops and tables after eating.
  4. Keep lids on all trash cans and take out the garbage regularly.
  5. If you have any pets, always store their food inside and in sealed containers.

Four More Cockroach Prevention Steps

After spending some time cleaning and implementing a regular routine to clean up food around the home, there are a few more things you can do.

The following four steps will also deter cockroaches by keeping them from getting inside:

  1. Seal up potential entry points by filling holes in the walls and foundations with caulk and foam products. Cockroaches are able to fit through many small cracks, but this step will make it harder for them to find a way in.
  2. As excess moisture can also draw cockroaches in, use dehumidifiers in humid rooms and fix any leaky plumbing.
  3. Repair broken screens in doors and windows.
  4. Install weather stripping and door sweeps throughout the house.

What If Cockroaches Are Already In My House?

If you have noticed signs of cockroach activity around your West Palm Beach residence, the best way to remove them is with assistance from Empire Pest Defense. We provide professional pest assistance that is effective and affordable. Cockroaches are one of the more difficult pests to remove, so let us handle the problem.

Find out more about how we can protect your property from roaches by giving us a call today to request a quote.

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