Why Are The Fire Ants In West Palm Beach Such A Nuisance

March 30, 2022

Ants can be extremely annoying to deal with, no matter which species. Ants are almost always found in large groups, and if you do see just one ant, there are likely many more close by in a colony somewhere. However, while all ants in West Palm Beach can be difficult to deal with, some are more concerning than others. Fire ants are a more bothersome species as they can be dangerous. These ants in West Palm Beach are known for their painful stings, and you need to know how to prevent fire ants and remove them.

fire ant crawling on floor

What Do Fire Ants In West Palm Beach Look Like?

Fire ants are relatively easy to identify over other ant species because of their coloration. They are reddish-brown or reddish-black, whereas most ants around aren’t very red in color. The most common fire ants in the area aren’t native to North America, and they have become invasive after being introduced here from South America. They are rather tiny ants that only get to be 1/4 of an inch in most cases.

You can also identify fire ants by their behavior. They tend to be more aggressive as the soldier ants work together to defend the nest. If they feel the colony is threatened, they can attack in large numbers. They bite and then use their stinger to inject venom, leaving a painful, burning sensation.

How Dangerous Are Fire Ant Bites In West Palm Beach?

Fire ant bites and stings are never easy to deal with because they are so painful. The stinging feelings can last for an hour or two, but some other risks are also involved. Because they inject venom, these ants can be dangerous. Fire ant bites can lead to hospitalization in some cases, mainly because they can work together. You could end up getting stung multiple times in a row by dozens of ants, and this could send you to the hospital. Luckily, most bites and stings by fire ants aren’t that serious and will be painful, but it’s still best to avoid them.

Is It Possible To Have An Allergic Reaction To Fire Ants?

The main reason fire ants are dangerous is that they can cause allergic reactions. While people who aren’t allergic to the venom can still end up with side effects, these ants are usually the most serious if you are allergic to the venom. It’s also difficult to know ahead of time if you're going to be allergic or not. Some people only have mild allergies to fire ant venom, some have severe allergies, and some have none at all. 

If you are stung by a fire ant and notice any concerning side effects, reach out to a medical professional right away.

Fire Ant Prevention Tips For West Palm Beach Homes

The best way to prevent fire ants and remove them is to contact the pest control pros at Empire Pest Defense. But, you can also do a few things on your own to keep these ants away, such as:

  • Remove access to food sources around the yard. Make sure to throw away old or rotting produce, get lids for trash cans, and clean up any outdoor eating areas.
  • Seal up entry points into the home by repairing broken screens and patching holes in the walls and foundation.
  • Reduce excess humidity around the yard by removing standing water and clearing gutters.

Find out more about ant control options by calling Empire Pest Defense to find out more or schedule an inspection.

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