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How To Protect Tomatoes From Pests

January 13, 2019

Even if you have the world’s greenest thumb, garden pests present a serious challenge for your tomatoes. The truth is, pests like your tomatoes every bit as much as you do and there are a variety of pests that can damage them. If you had a problem managing your garden last year, the West Palm Beach pest control experts at Empire Pest Defense can ensure the area around your garden is kept free of pests likely to harm your beautiful tomato... Read More

The Different Types Of Ants In Florida

December 15, 2017

Florida is home to many different species of ants. Some are more destructive than others, and some pose a significant health threat to humans while others are harmless, yet annoying and unsightly. If you have ants in your home, an experienced ant pest control professional can identify the species present and create a customized extermination plan for them. Do not live among ants any longer – you deserve to live in a clean, pest-free envi... Read More

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