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a bed bug crawling on a pillow

How To Tell If Your West Palm Beach, FL Home Has Bed Bugs

September 24, 2021

Waking up with mysterious bites on your body is not a pleasant experience. It raises many questions and concerns. One question it raises is, does my home have a bed bug infestation? Unfortunately, finding bite marks on your skin isn’t a direct sign that bed bugs are around. ... Read More

an american cockroach crawling along a basement wall

The Dangers Roaches Bring To Your West Palm Beach, FL Home

September 10, 2021

Just looking at a pest does not always tell you how dangerous they are. Sometimes creatures look terrifying, but are completely harmless. Other times, they look like they couldn’t hurt a fly, yet they are capable of putting an individual in the hospital.... Read More

spider crawling on wall

How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your West Palm Beach Home

August 27, 2021

While most spiders we encounter in our homes are not dangerous, these unwelcome house guests will still bite and leave pesky webs in the underused corners of our house. Spiders are one of the most common fears in America, so it’s reasonable to expect that your summer plans do not include spiders invading your home. If you are worried about sharing your home with spiders, don’t stress — contact the professionals at Emp... Read More

an up close image of a mosquito resting on a green leaf

The Best Way To Protect Your West Palm Beach, FL Property From Mosquitoes

July 30, 2021

Mosquitoes are persistent pests. They will swarm around you until they can get to your skin and bite you. The bugs want to suck your blood. It doesn’t take long for them to find you once you step outdoors. If you don’t physically see them, proof of their presence will be visible. You’ll have red and itchy bumps on your arms, legs, and elsewhere.... Read More