Hornet Identification

What are hornets?

Hornets are exceptional predators that help to keep populations of many nuisance pests like flies, crickets, and spiders in check. Hornets are social insects, living together and working as a group to guard themselves and their nest against harm. These flying insects have a smooth, hairless body, a defined waist, and a stinger that extends from their abdomen. Hornets are larger and more robust than wasps, another common predatory stinging insect. 

hornet up close

Are hornets dangerous?

Hornets tend to be less aggressive than some other species of stinging insects, but that doesn’t mean they won’t deliver a painful sting if an individual or the nest is in danger. When hornets are nesting in your yard, especially in an area your family spends a lot of time, a sting is likely to occur. 

The venom hornets possess is primarily used to paralyze their insect prey but is also strong enough to trigger a reaction in people. A reaction to hornet venom can range from mild (swelling at the sting site) to life-threatening (affecting a person’s ability to breathe).

Why do I have a hornet problem?

Hornets are on your property because they have built a nest somewhere on it or are traveling from a neighboring property to forage for food. Either way, having large numbers of hornets flying around your property can make it difficult to feel at ease when spending time outside in your yard. Many hornets thrive in tropical climates making Florida a place where they feel right at home. 

Where will I find hornets?

Hornets prefer to nest up off the ground. Therefore properties with many buildings, trees, and shrubbery are most likely to become nesting sites for these flying insects. Places we regularly discover hornets include:

  • On tree branches or within tree-like shrubs

  • Utility poles

  • Under roof eaves

  • Under deck rails or steps

  • On or in playhouses

  • In attic spaces or roof rafters

In addition, if your property has flowering vegetation, open trash cans, areas of standing water, or outdoor eating areas, it will likely attract the attention of insects and, in return, hungry hornets. 

How do I get rid of hornets?

The best way to safely remove hornets from your property is by partnering with an experienced and trained professional. Trust the local professionals at Empire Pest Defense with removing unwanted hornet nests from your Florida property. We are dedicated to our customers and provide detailed inspections and high-quality services. Let’s work together to ensure your West Palm Beach property becomes free of hornets and stays that way. Contact us today and learn more about our hornet control services!

How can I prevent hornets in the future?

  • Reduce hornets on your Florida property with the help of the professionals at Empire Pest Defense and our effective pest control solutions and practical prevention tips:

    Keep lids on garbage cans and recycling bins.

  • When eating outside, keep food covered, and after eating, take in leftovers.

  • Hornets will feed on pet food; don’t leave uneaten pet food out for long periods.

  • Cut back dense vegetation on your property, especially near your home.

  • Keep hornets out of your home by ensuring weatherstripping is intact and placing mesh covers on vents.

Learn more about controlling hornets through our residential or commercial pest control services.


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