At Empire Pest Defense, our sole priority is to provide with the best pest elimination service in all of Tequesta. Pest problems never disappear of their own accord so it is crucial that when you notice the signs of a pest infestation on your property, that you contact a Tequesta Pest Control specialist like Empire Pest Defense. We use environmentally friendly products and procedures to eliminate the pest infestation in your commercial or residential property and also to ensure that it never returns. Our services are categorized according to the types of pests that we commonly deal with in the Palm Beach area and include:

Spiraling Whitefly

Spiraling whiteflies are very common in Palm Beach. You can notice them by the patterns they leave on the leaves of your ornamental flowers. They are an invasive species that has no natural predator so they destroy anything they come into contact with. The infestation is not likely to kill your plants but the ugly mold they leave on the leaves will not please the eye.


Termites eat the wood behind your walls and all over your property. However, they do leave signs which make it very easy to spot them. If you find many of those signs on your property, it is evidence of a termite infestation on your property. Signs of termites include mud tubes, wings, waste piles and clear rustling sounds behind your walls.


Consistently finding large numbers of mosquitoes around your porch or backyard at night is a sign of a mosquito infestation. Swampy Florida is an ideal location for mosquitoes but the good news is that mosquitoes don’t venture far from their breeding grounds. Standing water with raft shaped mosquito eggs and plant overgrowth are signs of mosquito breeding grounds.


Ants are tiny and can survive anywhere on your property. They use the smallest cracks to enter your home and soon you are supporting an ant colony. DIY ant control is not only ineffective; it can also make the problem worse hence you need a professional exterminator.


Spiders range in size but they can slip through the tiniest spaces to invade your property. Spider eradication mainly includes finding and sealing their entrance points. Our technicians are experienced in spider behavior and know how to effectively remove them.


Stinging insects like bees, wasps and hornets are not only a nuisance but they can also cause you allergic reactions leading to excruciating pain and in extreme cases, death. Hives of stinging insects are easy to find but trying to remove them yourself puts you in grave danger that is why you need a professional Tequesta Pest Control team.

Bed Bugs

A bed bug infestation is most likely not your fault. They can travel even in the harshest of conditions. Though they do not cause any disease, they disrupt sleep which affects other areas of life. The difficulty of removing a bedbug infestation requires a professional exterminator.


Rodents are large pests that cause distinct damage. They spread more than 35 diseases with adverse symptoms and may even lead to death. The danger to human health means professional help is advised.


Cockroaches have survived mass extinctions which tells you how hard it is to get rid of them. They eat anything and everything. They also cause a huge amount of human allergies.

Empire Pest Defense offers all the above services and performs them diligently. We use specialized equipment to implement our extermination expertise for conclusive long term results. So call us, your Tequesta pest control experts now and get a free quote.