Are The Wasps In West Palm Beach Dangerous?

June 30, 2021

Not all pests pose direct physical harm, but those that do tend to carry other significant dangers. Stinging pests like wasps can not only be dangerous, they can also be aggressive. Despite their crucial roles as pollinators, wasps aren’t something you want hanging around your property. It’s important for every West Palm Beach property owner to learn how to prevent nests and quickly address ones that form.

many wasps on nest

Telling Wasps Apart

Firstly, you may be surprised to learn that the term wasp applies to all kinds of flying, stinging insects -- from bees to hornets. When people say “wasp”, however, we tend to think of more aggressive pests than the mostly docile bees. That’s why it’s important to be able to tell key categories of wasps apart:

  • Bees: Bumblebees, large and fuzzy, are probably the most recognizable wasps around, as are their close cousins, honey bees. Both bear the yellow and black stripes that are iconic to the species, though honey bees tend to be more golden than pure yellow.
  • Yellowjackets: Another broad term that applies to the smaller, thinner species of the vespid family, these are often the ones that come to mind when people refer to a wasp. They are black and yellow but lack the furry features of bees.
  • Hornets: The larger and often more aggressive of the vespid family, hornets come in many different colors.

Harmful Stings

People often focus on a wasp’s stinger because of the dangers they pose. But all species of wasps can be beneficial, too. Not only are they essential pollinators of plants and crops, but many of them also hunt insects that tend to damage plants. That means that wasps when they don’t pose a threat to people or animals, can be quite helpful. But it’s the risk of stings that makes them such harmful pests. Not only do all wasp stingers administer painful venom, but some people can also even be allergic to those compounds. While many people are aware of bee allergies, most don’t realize that people can form allergies to all kinds of stinging pests. Since allergic reactions to pest stings can be quite severe, it’s important to not take risks where wasps are concerned. It’s better to prevent nests before they form than have to deal with a population of stinging insects.

How To Discourage Wasp Nests

So, how does one prevent wasp nests from forming on and around a property? It’s not always easy and it requires attention and diligence. Wasps are attracted to human properties because of the pollinating plants, food waste, and water that they know they’ll find they're -- not to mention the sheltering trees and potential for other pests around to hunt. Here are some ways to discourage nests around your property:

  • Landscaping: Keeping your bushes and trees trimmed low will reduce the attractive harborage points that wasps will use to build their nests. Anywhere high up with shade cover provides a potential home, so even roofs and porches can be targeted.
  • Trash storage: While most wasps eat pollen or other bugs, many will be attracted to sugary aromas or protein-rich foods that are found in food waste. Make sure your trash bins are well secured and that spills are cleaned up thoroughly.
  • Moisture: Wasps are also attracted by water, which they need to survive just like all creatures. Standing puddles in your lawn or flower beds are an attractant, just as water features or birdbaths are.

Turn To Empire Pest Defense For Removal

With all the risks associated with wasps, it’s better to let trained experts deal with them rather than try to remove them on your own. Even property owners who address the above factors around their property can still wind up with a wasp nest nearby, which is why true protection comes from professional services and solutions. If wasps are already there, contact Empire Pest Defense right away for prompt and safe removal. If you want to prevent wasps from coming onto your property in the first place, let our friendly staff come and assist you before they are ever a problem. We can inspect for early signs or attractants and provide you with treatments that are proven to keep pests out. For true protection from stinging wasps, turn to Empire Pest Defense.

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