How To Get Rid Of Wasps: Expert Prevention And Control For West Palm Beach Properties

July 30, 2023

How do you react when you see wasps buzzing around nearby? Some people can keep their composure and allow these pests to do their own thing. Others need to keep their distance from these dangerous bugs due to allergies. Many become quickly frightened and react in volatile ways to get as far away from these pests as possible. Regardless of how you feel about these bugs, here is what you should know about the types of wasps in West Palm Beach and how to identify and deal with an infestation on your property. Call Empire Pest Defense for information about our wasp control. You can also ask about our other options for pest control in West Palm Beach and find a service that directly meets your needs.

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Distinctive Wasp Characteristics: How To Identify Wasps

There are more than a few different wasps in West Palm Beach. Sometimes it can be hard to tell them apart. Today, we are going to focus on identifying these pests in general. All wasps have sleek bodies, six legs, two pairs of wings, and a stinger at their rear. Some species are brightly colored with dark markings. Others are duller or have a metallic sheen. In the same way, certain wasps are social and live in large colonies made of chewed-up paper or similar materials. Others, like mud wasps, live in solitary nests. As a general rule, social wasps are much more aggressive as they work hard to protect their queen. That said, here are some things you can expect from a wasp sting and why these pests are considered dangerous.

Health Risks Of Wasp Infestations: Allergies And Other Concerns

Having wasps around is never fun. The biggest problem associated with these pests is the risk of being stung. For most, a wasp sting is painful and might come with a bit of swelling and other minor symptoms. Those with allergies will, however, experience a much more severe reaction to these pests. If you are not sure if you are or are not allergic to wasps, talk with your doctor. They will be able to perform the needed tests to help you determine your risk. Otherwise, do your best to avoid wasp stings as they are certainly not fun.

Safe and Effective Wasp Removal: Contact Us Right Away!

The absolutely best method to control wasps lies with our home pest control professionals in West Palm Beach. Our team at Empire Pest Defence has the safety equipment and training needed to handle these local menaces. We will pay you a visit, identify nests on your property, and use advanced methods to give these bugs the boot. All we require from you is a phone call so we can discuss details. We will work out all of the hard parts involved with wasp control. 

Effective Wasp-Proofing: Practical Tips To Prevent Wasp Infestations

Now that you know the best way to get rid of a wasp nest, let’s talk about some things you can do to prevent and avoid these painful pests around your property. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to use today.

  • Knock down newly forming wasp nests that are smaller than a golf ball using a long broom.
  • Reduce the number of budding plants and flowers on your property.
  • Clean up thoroughly after hosting an outdoor gathering.
  • Make sure your trash cans have tight-fitting lids.
  • Keep food dishes and drinks covered when eating outdoors.

Reach out to our team at Empire Pest Defense to learn about our wasp control and find out how we can help you keep these bugs out of your West Palm Beach home.

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