The Best Way To Keep House Spiders Out Of Your West Palm Beach Home

November 15, 2022

With so much division in the world, the one thing most people can all agree on is their contempt for spiders. From how they look and move around to the urban legends and personal stories people share, it’s almost a sure bet that anyone you encounter doesn’t hold arachnids in high regard.

Fortunately, Empire Pest Defense provides the latest and most advanced pest control in West Palm Beach to get rid of spiders effectively, allowing you to enjoy your property in peace. Read on to learn more about the common house spiders that invade homes, what to expect, and how to keep them out.

brown recluse spider on desk

The Ten Most Common House Spiders

Many people prefer having a lot of variety regarding certain things, like good books, ice cream flavors, and shoes. However, having different varieties of spiders hanging around your home causes more alarm than delight. Our area happens to play host to a multitude of arachnids. Here are the 10 most common house spiders you’re likely to come across in West Palm Beach:

  1. Black widow spider
  2. Brown widow spider
  3. Brown recluse spider
  4. House spider
  5. Jumping spider
  6. Wolf spider
  7. Huntsman spider
  8. Cellar spiders
  9. Orb weaver spiders
  10. Banana spiders

For help with eliminating all types of house spiders, contact professionals with pest management to schedule an appointment.

Spider 101: Identifying The Spiders In Your Home

If you're wondering which spiders from the list above commonly invade households, they are the wolf spider, house spider, cellar spider, widow spider, and brown recluse spider. These spiders range in color from tan, gray, light brown, and black. Multiple species within the widow family reside in the area, but of course, the most recognizable is none other than the black widow spider. Don't get close enough to any spider in an attempt to identify it. Even though most spiders aren't aggressive, they will bite if you bother them.

It's best to leave the identification to professionals with a background in handling all types of spiders. Contact pest management specialists in your area for further assistance.

Do All Spiders Bite Humans?

As intimidating as they look, most spiders aren’t as harmful to people as many believe. Spiders don't behave aggressively towards humans and usually only bite if they feel threatened or provoked. Even black widows and brown recluses considered the most dangerous spiders in North America, don’t go on the attack looking for humans to harm. Those two spider species have fangs that can penetrate human skin, which makes them a danger, especially if you’re allergic to their venom. But if it were up to them, spiders would rather not be bothered with human interaction as they’re solitary creatures that relish their alone time.

However, harmless or not, encountering multiple common household spiders around your home is unsettling. Therefore, get in touch with your local pest control for a comprehensive inspection.

The Key To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Home

If you want to ensure that different house spiders stay out of your residence, think about partnering with professional pest specialists to eliminate arachnids for you. Experts not only save you time and money, but they have access to the newest products and latest procedures that keep you and your family safe while still being tough on pests.

Since 2006, Empire Pest Defense has been meeting the pest control needs of our West Palm Beach residents with results they can trust. Our highly trained staff goes the extra mile to ensure you fully understand the treatment process. Your satisfaction is our priority, backed by a pest-free guarantee. Reach out to us today to request your complimentary estimate.

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