Is There A Strategy To Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs In West Palm Beach?

November 30, 2022

With all the obstacles life throws at you, who would have thought that trying to eliminate bed bugs would be the most challenging? Fortunately, Empire Pest Defense provides the most effective pest control in West Palm Beach to quickly eliminate bed bugs in your home or business. Read on to learn more about these insects and the best way to eradicate them for good.

bed bug on mattress

How Do Bed Bugs Spread?

Bed bugs in West Palm Beach usually enter homes through infested items transported from the outside, like bags, boxes, furniture, and even clothing. Once inside, these insects can move from room to room, whether in a commercial building, hotel, or house. Therefore, inspect items thoroughly before bringing them inside your home, especially if you’re returning from a trip after staying at a hotel.

Does Vacuuming Help Keep Bed Bugs Away?

Just when you thought your vacuum cleaner was only good at suctioning up lint balls and cookie crumbs from the carpet, it’s more an asset in your fight against bed bugs. Your vacuum is a powerful force in removing clusters or groups of insects, especially ones burrowed deep within the corners and crevices of plush furniture. Although it’s not a 100% foolproof method, you can maximize your results by making sure to use a vacuum with the strongest suction possible. Use an attachment with a concentrated nozzle, and don’t press too hard on the fabric. You want to suck the bugs up, not flick them across the room. This method is ideal for vacuums with bags. But if your model has the canister instead, promptly empty the container into a plastic bag before sealing and discarding it. Wash the receptacle with soapy, hot water to terminate any stragglers.

And for the best results, you can get, consult with your local pest control for bed bugs, especially if you’ve noticed signs of a growing infestation.

Will High Heat Kill Bed Bugs In West Palm Beach

Most successful bed bug control methods include using extreme temperatures, whether it’s intense cold or high heat. However, you must execute these methods correctly to eliminate adult bed bugs, eggs, and nymphs; otherwise, you’ll risk being re-infested soon after treatment, as surviving insects will reproduce rapidly. When using heat, the magic temperature to destroy them is 122° F. You can use a washing machine, dryer, or steamer with high heat settings. Here are a few benefits of using heat as a form of pest control to kill bed bugs:

  • Heat requires no use of chemical insecticides.
  • Bed bugs can’t build up an immunity to heat as they’ve done with certain pesticides.
  • Heat can thoroughly penetrate hard-to-reach areas where these pests hide.
  • Heat works instantaneously.

The best part about using heat is that it can destroy all bed bugs, no matter where they are in the life cycle, meaning no survivors will remain. Your local pest control offers the best heat treatment options available, so contact them for more details.

Total Bed Bug Control For West Palm Beach Residents

A bed bug infestation is an experience you shouldn't have to resolve alone. These insects can spread throughout your home, creating a massive headache that only a professional pest management company can resolve successfully. Experienced service technicians fully understand how pest control can kill bed bugs quickly.

At Empire Pest Defense, we deliver the best bed bug control in West Palm Beach, maintaining peace and safety in the homes and businesses of our residents. We understand how a pest infestation can upend your daily life, causing mental and emotional distress. That’s why we employ the most modern advancements in our industry to resolve your issue as fast as possible. We offer free estimates, so reach out to us today to request yours!

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